RF&P Lantern

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I have a RF&P Railroad lantern. I know nothing about it. How old might it be? does the RF&P still run?

-- James Orth (jorth2000@cs.com), October 07, 2000


I've just penned a "Fallen Flags" for Classic Trains Magazine, the RF& P, which should be coming up in the next issue or two.

-- Doug Riddell (railroaddoug@erols.com), October 09, 2000.

On the morning of October 10, 1991, after 157 years of corporate existence, The Richmond, Fredericksburg, & Potomac Railroad was offically "absorbed" by CSX. For many Virginians, this is a date that "will live in infamy".

-- Greg Hodges (ghodges@smpsfa.com), October 07, 2000.

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