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Saturday October 7 7:13 PM ET

GM Subsidiary Saab Recalls 130,000 Cars--Defective Electronics

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - General Motors Corp.'s Swedish subsidiary Saab Automobile is recalling 130,000 cars because of defective electronics, a Saab spokesman said Saturday.

The cars represent the entire 1998 and 1999 output of the 9-5 model, Saab's head of information, Niklas Andersson, told Reuters.

Andersson said the fault did not affect safety. Components in the electronics box had not been well enough protected when the system was manufactured by a Saab supplier.

As a result the parts could suffer corrosion, causing the engine to handle roughly or even stop working.

``What the driver would experience is that a sign on the dashboard tells him 'Please check the engine', and the engine might even stop,'' Andersson said.

The supplier, who he declined to name, would shoulder the costs of fixing the fault, and Saab itself would not suffer any costs.

Saab Automobile is not connected with the Swedish aerospace group Saab AB.

-- Carl Jenkins (, October 07, 2000


I didn't even know that GM owned Saab. I hope, in this case, it has better engineering. My son once owned a Saab on which the windshild wiper mechanism konked out. They had to remove the entire engine to get to the spot to repair it.

He sold the car.

-- Wellesley (, October 07, 2000.

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