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1) Notman, can you send me your e-mail. I caught your comment on Pepper II and was wondering if you meant that there's been a dip settings change since older versions of MAME.

2) Ali Baba will be added to the banned games list within the week, and all scores will be wiped (inluding mine :( ). None of the new .inps play back for me (since the game fixes in the .37 cycle) and the .inps before the fixes that do play back on the old romset were not the complete game (bonus/bad boxes were missing) If you want to comment about this decision please post to this thread.

3) I haven't looked at the PC_10 dips yet; I will over the long weekend. More info, and a vote, to follow.

4) Anything else I need to look at, please post here or e-mail me at qan@home.com

Happy MARPing, Q.T.Quazar

-- Q.T.Quazar (qan@home.com), October 07, 2000


About Ali Baba. Is it enough to ban a game just because one person can't play back the inp files? It seems that Skito confirmed Sampras' 60.500 score last month. So, obviously it's possible for some MARP users to play it back.

Just asking?


-- Frankie (frankie@image.dk), October 07, 2000.

skito, do you have an answer? I keep getting random boxes when I try and play .inps back, and nothing was posted on the Ed. board per my request... this is news to me.


-- Q.T.Quazar (qan@home.com), October 07, 2000.

darn i thought i answered that one, samprases and everyone elses alibaba (except yours i think) playsback fine if you remove all cfg nvram files, one thing i did notice is that there is no known good dump for alibaba.4a and alibaba.7f and mine aren't all zero files. i'll bet those who can't play this back have these files missing or all zeroed out. here are my crcs for alibaba.zip

Length Method Size Ratio Date Time CRC-32 Attr Name
------ ------ ----- ----- ---- ---- -------- ---- ----
2048 DeflatX 676 67% 05-02-99 18:06 85bcb8f8 --- 5e
2048 DeflatX 744 64% 05-02-99 18:06 b5715c86 --- 5f
2048 DeflatX 485 77% 05-02-99 18:06 38e50862 --- 5h
2048 DeflatX 617 70% 05-02-99 18:06 713086b3 --- 5k
4096 DeflatX 2825 32% 05-02-99 18:06 38d701aa --- 6e
4096 DeflatX 2898 30% 05-02-99 18:06 3d0e35f3 --- 6f
4096 DeflatX 2985 28% 05-02-99 18:06 823bee89 --- 6h
4096 DeflatX 2671 35% 05-02-99 18:06 474d032f --- 6k
4096 DeflatX 2951 28% 05-02-99 18:06 5ab315c1 --- 6l
2048 DeflatX 1455 29% 05-02-99 18:06 438d0357 --- 6m
256 DeflatX 136 47% 12-06-98 22:42 a9cc86bf --w- 82s126.1m
256 DeflatX 23 92% 06-04-98 15:56 77245b66 --w- 82s126.3m
256 DeflatX 70 73% 06-24-98 21:38 3eb3a8e4 --w- alibaba.4a
32 DeflatX 21 35% 06-24-98 21:37 2fc650bd --w- alibaba.7f
------ ------ --- -------
31520 18557 42% 14

Also i couldn't find any rule reference to it but, zip just uploaded a multi credit recording and claimed the score of the second game played on the inp. I've edited it to the first game because i think if we let people upload multiple credit inps it'll get too out of hand, that should probably be in the rules somewhere ever since Stig had that multi credit recording in T1...

-- Chad (churritz@cts.com), October 08, 2000.

Looks like point 2) about Ali Baba is my bad. Forget I wrote it, it definitely seems to be something with my romset.

2a in the Rules was meant to cover first recording only, but I'll clarify that. thanks skito

Q.T.Quazar, MARP Rules Coordinator

-- Q.T.Quazar (qan@home.com), October 08, 2000.

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