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I have wanted a garden forever and finally have one as of two weeks ago (I moved to a place with a garden already). It is not too big a lot of tomatos,lots of herbs everyhting else is already dead. Please help me with what to do to keep my tomatos as long as possible.Should I keep weeding? should I cover the dirt or plants to keep them from getting too cold? How long should I wait to cut herbs to dry them?How far down shoul I cut my herb plants?Should I take out my tomato plants at some point? I am sorry, I know this is alot of questions but I can't get a book right now and I can't find a place to answer all of my questions.If you know these answers or a good place to find them please help Thank You, Amber

-- Amber (Amberock@, October 07, 2000


Amber, where do you live and when is the first frost expected? Ours is this weekend. Lots of ideas on "Hard Frost comming to Kentucky" for covering your plants. Frost is low 30's over the nighttime. Covering with blankets is best if you have them.

-- Cindy in Ky (, October 07, 2000.

The harvesting of herbs varies. It depends on the herb. Some are harvested only once while others multiple times during the growing season. Some must be harvested before they flower. All should be harvested in the morning after the dew has dried but before it gets too hot. This is to keep the oils. If you will let me know what herbs you have, I will be glad to look them up for you. If you do not have time, harvest before they freeze no matter what the time of day. They will not be good after a freeze. It's great that they are already planted for you.

-- Cheryl Cox (, October 07, 2000.

Amber, congratulations on the new garden, I know you will enjoy it more and more as it becomes yours. We probably need to know where you are located to be of much help to you but if you E-Mail me, I will be glad to help, look up your zone, etc. I think I have several herb booklets you may have if I get an address, they do not help me much as they were not written for Alaska. Always weed your garden, just be very thorough. You can take green tomatoes in the house if a frost is due and they will ripen there. A very easy relish is made with both green and red tomatoes and is good on meats and sandwiches. I wish you the best of gardening. Maureen

-- Maureen Stevenson (, October 12, 2000.

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