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our family is thinking of moving to missouri next year. Would love to hear from some folks in the ozarks. We have been on the internet looking at land. Great prices but we wonder about the area. We live in virginia and from what we found out the weather is similar. We want land and more of a rural area. Our little town in Va isn't so little anymore. It has been growing by leaps and bounds and has lost it's small town feeling. our children would probably have to go to public school so wondering if some counties are better than others. our names are terry and jeff and our email address is kd-eber@juno.com

-- terry eberhard (kd-eber@juno.com), October 06, 2000


I just moved out here from Middleburg, VA to Ava, Mo. I bought the land here 3 years ago, but didn't get moved here until last March.

I don't have kids, so schools weren't one of my big concerns. From what I gather talking to others though is there is quite a variety from one school district to the next. They don't seem to go by counties here.

I have an "Ozark Homestead" emial list at: http://www.egroups.com/group/Ozark-homestead that would be a good place to ask specific questions.

I also have a website for my farm at: http://ledgewood-consulting.com/cgi-bin/farmInto.html

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


-- paul (p@ledgewood-consulting.com), October 07, 2000.

Terry I like living here in Hartville area but I always warn people the that the reason the land prices are still fairly reasonable here is that the jobs just don't pay that will unless you are willing to comute. What are the ages of your childeren? Even though it may not be as bad as some places those in high school are exposed to drugs. If you have any specific questions please post or e-mail me. You also may want to check the archives as this has been discussed here before if nothing else may give you some specific questions you want answered. gail

-- gail missouri ozarks (gef123@hotmail.com), October 07, 2000.

Terry, I just moved to the Missouri Ozarks a few weeks ago. My hubby is from St Louis so we know a bit about the state. I moved from east TX. So far everything has been great. The land prices are very reasonable but you have to look hard to find 'good' land. Our taxes on 16 acres and a house are under $100!!! If you like thrift stores and such you will love it here. Our experience has been that the wages are a bit lower but the cost of living is much lower too. If you live the countryside type of lifestyle you can live well here. The people are for the most part very friendly. We homeschool our kids so I can't tell you first hand about the schools but I have always been told that as a general rule they aren't as advanced as in other parts of the country. However this isn't necessarily true....the rural schools seem to be small with small class sizes too so they may get a firmer basic education than in a fancy school. I'd like to recommend my realtor Michelle Vivero...she was wonderful...you can reach her at mvivero@1stchoice-realty.com . The main thing that we have had trouble getting used to is that noone gets in a hurry about anything....I mean that literally too. You may have to wait a bit for some kinds of services, but once you slow down yourself you will appreciate the unhurried relaxed pace of life here. Feel free to contact me if I can answer any questions for you. Amanda

-- Amanda Seley (aseley@townsqr.com), October 08, 2000.


We are new to the area too. We came from California. I really love it. We were fortunate about jobs because my hubby got a job off the internet. I have to agree with Amanda, they really do take there sweet time to do things. I am trying to get used to it. We bought a farm with 40 acres and our taxes are $200, but it depends on the county, because we were looking at other homes in other counties and they went up tp a $1000 per year. I think it just depends on the town etc. I know that Monett, MO has a really good school system, at least that is what everyone tells me. My children are very young still. Good luck!

-- Carleen (netorcs@mo-net.com), October 09, 2000.

I have lived around and in the springfield area since 1982. I love the Ozarks. I grew up in Iowa and moved here when I got out of H.S. This area in the world is like many other rural areas. There are some problems but mostly because life seems to move a bit slower than the rest of the world. To answer your question about county's here. The county's around cities have more money to apply to their school systems. Greene Co. schools are good. Christian Co. Pop. is growing very fast so their schools are inproving very fast. The Branson area is also growing extremly fast and their schools show it. As you get away from Springfield and Branson the Population is quite small and so the services that you have are smaller. Now I will inject my opinion the less populated counties are the better ones but you may have to give your Kids the extra things yourself. I work for a Satellite installation Co. and I meet all kinds of poeple all over this area and I think you will find most communities are very nice and friendly. Don't just take a realtors opinion of the people spend some time in the coffee shops in the area you are interested in purchasing. That way you get to see. If I can help more E-mail me

-- Steve Palmer (cableman02@home.com), October 09, 2000.

Hi Terry, we live around the Truman Lake area in Mo. About 2 hrs from Kansas City and the same to Springfield. I had to laugh when I read Amanda and Carleen's comment about the much "slower pace" around here!! It is true!! When we first moved here, that was one of the biggest shocks, and during deer season you might as well forget it!! LOL! But, you get used to it and it has it's own rewards, I'll take that over the "hurry, hurry, hurry" of the city, any day!

I would ditto much of what has already been said about land prices, taxes, etc.. I would add that so much of the local economy seems to be made up of gov't employees. Especially from the public school systems. I was really shocked at that, (it has given me a better understanding of why gov't growth will, in all probability, continue to increase!). Seems almost every other person who works in the area is either a teacher, administrator, counsler, head-start worker, road crew, county health dept worker, conservation agent or office personnel, etc... you get the idea. Private enterprise seems to take a way distant second, in regards to employment opportunities.

State taxes have increased under our current govenor, but I'm hopeful this will change.

We homeschool so do not have any personal experience with the local schools. Most curriculum is state (read federal) mandated, no matter where you are, so not alot of difference in that regard. But at least in the more rural areas the chances are better you will find some of the more traditional values upheld, to the degree they are able. Hope this helps, and God Bless! Wendy

-- Wendy@GraceAcres (wjl7@hotmail.com), October 10, 2000.

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