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Thank you all for your quick responce to our problem. You asked for more detail well here goes. It all started in 1996 when they first tried to throw us out we had less than 3 months arrears at the time it had been more but we had just about cleared it. I complained and asked why I had not been told of a court date, I was informed by Abbey that we had been told six months before ( the time they were talking about they said was cancelled)They got the judgment against us in our absence as I am sure any judge that had seen the repayments we made would not have granted it. Just after that my husband lost his job and the arrears built up again in the meantime I wrote to the banking ombudsman to complain they took up the case. Then things got worseas Abbey added nearly 1500 to the arrears in charges again I complained and they said they had the right to do this if they wished.In the end we had no choice but to accept #700 they offered or we were out.That was last year since then we have paid our mortgage and what we could off the arrears this was fine until last month when we recieved a possession order asking us to vacate the property.I made an offer and they accepted this the offer was to pay #650 that day and arround #500 by the end of the week I also said that I was getting a loan to pay a further #2000 at the time I had been promised this loan from a friend but they changed their mind. but within 10 days we managed to pay them a total of #1170. Their solicitor phoned last week and said they would carry on with proceedings if we did not pay the rest within a week I told them that my loan had fallen through but we would do our best to clear things as quickly as possible and by the end of the year the arrears would be almost clear.This apears to have made no differance to them and this morning we recieved a final notice of ejection giving us until the 16th of October to get out, but now they have all the money we could raise and they know this so we have no money and soon no house. They know that we have the house up for sale and that the mortgage it's self is not a problem but the arrears (which they seem to keep adding to). We asked about an audit two years ago to the banking ombudsman but they could not help we have paid a repayment mortgage for 14 years and are still owe them the same amount plus arrears this can not be right as we have paid more than #25000 in total but still owe the same. I hope you can help and again thank you for your support. I do not plan to give in I have gone to long without to keep this place they are not getting it that easy. I am about to write to Mr. Blair and Mr.Hart a director of Abbey. If we were unemployed instead of low paid we would have some help. again thanks Barbara

-- Barbara Dunbar (, October 06, 2000


Barbara - please explain to us all if they have obtained a further possession order against you ; the value/sale price of the prop. in comparison to the size of the outstanding mortgage ; should we take it that it that this date of the 16/10 is the eviction date through a warrant ; how was this served on you ? by hand, by post ? how much clear notice where you given ?

This information may help us to help you.

Keep smilin'. Vic

-- Vic Harper (, October 06, 2000.

Barbara - please elaborate on the 'settlement' of #700 - what were the terms ?


-- Vic Harper (, October 06, 2000.

If contact details of journalists would be any help, please just ask. E.

-- Eleanor Scott (, October 07, 2000.

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