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References Compiled from a Variety of Sources and Posted to GICC in June 2000 : LUSENET : Grassroots Information Coordination Center (GICC) : One Thread

Here are some interesting references that were compiled from a wide variety of sources and posted on GICC in June of 2000. They may prove of particular interest to journalists, researchers, and persons in roles of public responsibility.

Nuclear Power Sector: for the archives

Energy Sector - for the archives

Energy Sector postings - for the archives

Brazil Oil Spill: for the archives

Railway incidents - for the archives

Australian aviation fuel problem - for the archives

Y2K Malfunctions in Nuke Plants - for the archives

Explosions and Fires Summary - for the archives

Venezuelan and other energy sector problems - for the archives

Energy Sector concerns - for the archives

Insurance and legal concerns - for the archives

Plant and pipeline explosions - for the archives

Airplane related concerns - for the archives

International glitches - for the archives

Senate Y2K Committee Report 2/29/2000 for the archives

Oil accidents and problems - for the archives

Refinery problems contributing to spike in fuel prices - for the archives

Oil sector and railroad derailments - for the archives

Pipeline breaks - for the archives

Oil Refinery Concerns - for the archives

Airline Sector Postings for the archives

Manhole cover explosions - for the archives

Energy sector items - for the archives

Miscellaneous sources of information re Y2K - for the archives

-- Paula Gordon (, October 05, 2000


Here's the same list with active links: topicID=12523.topic&index=23

-- Paula Gordon (, October 06, 2000.

-- Buddy (, October 06, 2000


MANHOLE COVER EXPLOSIONS???? Holy cow, it must be all of those embedded chips in those newfangled automatic manhole covers going ka- plueey!

Someone get her help.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 06, 2000.

She doesnt need help, she needs a tinfoil (um the hard kind) umbrella to protect her from the flying manhole covers

-- consumer (, October 06, 2000.

I think we should all chip in like a quarter a person and hire someone to re-write her resume so she can get an actual, paying JOB.

Then she can pay for her own therapy.

-- Patricia (, October 06, 2000.

My goodness, that's nothing compared to some of the latest stories over at GICC...a sample:

AOL suffers instant messaging outage (Martin Thompson,, 2000-10-06)

What a disaster!

-- Buddy (, October 06, 2000.

A more substantial glitch list is this one from Paula's post.

-- (more@substantial.list), October 06, 2000.

Well good for her! You go girl! You know Rollerderby has gotten a bad rap over the years. Paula is singlehandedly trying her best to revive it.

Madame, I salute you!

-- Doc Paulie (, October 06, 2000.

No offense, Buddy. I'm sure gnats are still gnawing at elephants' backs, but they're not exactly news items. As far as I'm concerned, Paula is just another gnat gnawing at an elephant's back. Parasites will always be with us. They're like bacteria in that respect.

-- Anita (, October 06, 2000.

Anita, I take offense at your remark. Not all, are ordained to be subject matter experts. Some try to impersonate themselves as such. These are the same folks, who scratch their crotch, and say "Damn, the reason your internet response is so slow is because there are too many users". Horse Crap. Then why is the internet so much faster at home? I suggest they improve their expertise, or get a job at McDonalds, some will not settle for less. I was born at night, but it wasn't, last night.

-- My Story and (, October 06, 2000.

Meanwhile in Reality-Land, The nuclear plants at the company I work at are making record online runs, and the industry is again setting new records for plant availability.

Thanks for the Paula update Buddy. As I've stated before, the U.S.S. Paula Gordon, she is a mightby battleship (axe?) and cannot be stopped!

-- David (, October 07, 2000.

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