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Fire breaks out at Czech nuclear plant Source: BBC Monitoring European - Political Publication date: 2000-10-06

Excerpts from report by Czech Radio on 6th October [Announcer] There was a fire at the Dukovany nuclear plant [in southern Moravia] this morning.

The cabling feeding electricity to the pumping stations of the plant's fourth bloc caught fire. Nevertheless, the fire brigade was called and managed to put it out within one minute.

Jiri Panek has more details:

[Reporter] [The plant's] automatic electronic fire alarm went off at 0707 hours [0507 gmt] sharp. The fire crew were on the scene within the next two minutes...

The fire was put out at 0710 hours [0510 gmt]. The total damage caused to the plant has been estimated at 8,000 Czech crowns...

-- Martin Thompson (, October 06, 2000

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