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Just to let the users of this board know about a great new online museum for the elevator industry. Located at

This site covers the historical accomplishments throughout the ages of the industry.

There is a message board available on the web site, in which you can converse directly with William C. Sturgeon, Editor in Chief/Founder of ELEVATOR WORLD.

-- Brian K. Golden (, October 06, 2000


I'm renovating a historic building for a client of mine and found what looks like a portable freight elevator from the late 1800's I think. Would like for someone to tell me how it goes together, what it was used for and maybe what it might have cost. Also the amount of weight it could handle. I have pictures that I took of it, that I can send to you if you have a email address. The owner would like for me to restore it so he could put it on a display. The company that made it was The American Hoist and Derick Co. From St. Paul Minn. and Chicago on Canal St.

Thanks for any help that you can provide Jim Droste

-- Jim Droste (, May 13, 2003.

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