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Despite paying a total of #1150 over the last two weeks Abbey National are still going to throw us out is there any thing else we can do. I have tried to have an audit carried out on the account but cannot find how to do this please help Barbara

-- Barbara Dunbar (, October 06, 2000


Lee - could Brian Turner help out on this one with one of his free audits ?

All the best Vic

-- Vic Harper (, October 06, 2000.

Barbara, you don't say whether you've actually been to court yet or not. If you haven't the Abbey cannot throw you out without a repossession order. If they have a repossession order and you can satisfy the judge that you can pay an acceptable amount he most probably will not grant repossession to the ABBEY. Good Luck. J.

-- jacky jones (, October 06, 2000.

Hi Barbara,

Post another message giving more detail of what led to this situation and I'm sure we'll all try our hardest to give you more help that will get you through thiss. Whatever you do, DON'T destroy yourself with worry, it's only to their advantage!


-- Tony Hayter (, October 06, 2000.

You can contact Bryan Turner, who offers audits, on: I understand that he has some considerable experience of Abbey. Good luck; and read this web site top to bottom. All best, E.

-- Eleanor Scott (, October 07, 2000.

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