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Eric, Help Again Please! I am trying to set up jobs to run my DTS packages. I have 21 total and all are exactly identical except for the table that it is importing. Each package has the following tasks and are executed in this order with each depending on the success of the previous task. 1. Execute Process Task (Imports data from Unisys Mainframe) 2. Execute SQL Task (Deletes data from table) 3. DTS portion with text file as source and table in SQL Server as destination. 4. Active X Script Task (deletes text file from directory on C drive)

When each package is executed from the DTS folder in enterprise manager everything works fine, I have all packages broken down into daily, weekly and monthly packages also.

But when I try to schedule these packages either singlely or as a part of the larger package (daily,weekly,monthly) the Execute Process task does not appear to run.

The execute process task is set up as follows: Description: Table Name Win32 process: C:\FASTERM\FASTPLAY.EXE Parameters: C:\SCRIPTS\TABLENAME.SCR RETURN CODE 0 TIMEOUT 0

FASTPLAY.EXE interfaces with the mainframe to download the table data. TABLENAME.SCR is the script file that gets the table data it is constructed as follows:

see ("LOGON", 1, 11) "PROD VIKING" #+ // log on see ("Action:", 2, 2) "CANDE" #+ see ("#SESSION", 1-24, 1) ^HOME "run $O/DW/CATHISTORY"#+ ^HOME "run *Upstanding/System/FileTransfer; taskstring = \"" "host-file = (PROD)VIK/DW/CATHISTORY ON VIKDB, pc-file= C:\\dw\\CATHISTORY.TXT\""#+ see ("Transfer completed", 1-24, 1) see("#E",1-24,1) @Q // log off and exit terminal

It appears that the Job is not executing the execute process task and I cannot figure out why. I have tried to place the Win32 process and Prameter lines directly into the Job Command line but when I do that the job its self fails.

I am using the 2000 beta 2 version and up to this point have had no problems with it. Any suggestions you can provide would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance

Jim K.

-- Anonymous, October 06, 2000



Try it on SQL Server 7.0. If 7.0 works, but 2000 beta 2 fails, please submit the bug report to Microsoft.

If it fails on SQL Server 7.0 as well, I suspect that the context when you run directly from the DTS folder is different than the context of the scheduled package. It looks like the script file depends on certain drive mappings ($O and C:, at least) that may be different for scheduled packages.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, October 11, 2000

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