Question for CPR and those enamored with George Bush's tax cut plan: What was the name of the recent president who reneged on his campaign promise of "Read my lips - no new taxes"? : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

If you guessed GEORGE BUSH SR....go to the front of the class!!!!

*Bonus question*: What will they use for lubricant this time around?

-- LMAO (at@this.charade), October 05, 2000


Excuse me but Webster's defines Democrats as syn: tax and spend.

LMAO, taxes are the price we must pay so that people like you and Milne will be able to cash their WELFARE CHECKS and others who can't find work in private industry like Decker will get paid.

-- cpr (, October 05, 2000.


I didn't listen to the Bush/Gore debate. I've already decided that I don't want Robertson/Falwell developing laws to force me to become a conservative Southern Baptist. So I know how I will vote. I must admit that I agree with the Libertarians on some issues so I am somewhat fringe even though I won't vote for Browne.

My wife did watch the debate. She said it confirmed what we had only suspected in the past. Dubya is a moron. I use that word in the same way you and your friend Paul do.

Best wishes,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, October 05, 2000.

I think you are confusing Fringers posing as "conservatives" with true conservatives of the Taft, Goldwater, Reagan, Bush, Buckley and more Right. Falwell probably speaks for 3-5 million people and Robertson far less. I don't know any Conservatives who view either Buchanan or Robertson as anything BUT "Fringers" and the words lunatic fringe follows that. If Robertson did not have a net worth in the 100s of millions to devote to his "beliefs" he would be written off as another Flake like Missler or McElvaney.

Falwell is not but his views are grounded in his religious beliefs to the horror of other Baptists who think the Cloth should stay out of Politics. Falwell occasionally has lapses where he even seems coherent but does suffer from a case of mild Foot in Mouth sickness. You may remember that Falwell at least tried to start a dialog with the gay and lesbian community but greatly irritated them and his own fans.

Conservatives don't "force" anyone to believe anything. The term "politically correct" is one from the Leftists and defines conformity to certain views.

Put 5 conservatives in one room and 2 will form a new party, 2 will argue and the 3rd will just stomp out of the room and claim he is a "libertarian". The Conservatives are the real rainbow of different views.

-- cpr (, October 05, 2000.

You're overthinking it Z. Either that or you're a good soldier keeping in step and don't want to tell.

-- Carlos (, October 05, 2000.

"Question for CPR and those enamored with George Bush's tax cut plan: What was the name of the recent president who reneged on his campaign promise of "Read my lips - no new taxes"?"

Lip reading vs eight (8) years of lip synchronization are two different topics.

From Bush Sr., a broken [early campaign] promise; and, from current party in power, investigated misuse [and abuse] of power - two totally different topics. If Al Bore is the beacon of light his latest mentor has been, then ...

-- Crypto Byte (, October 06, 2000.


You are correct of course. And GWH Bush's in-your-face disregard of his own NO NEW TAXES pledge cost him dearly in 1992 when much of his support bolted to Perot. They could not forgive his two-faced behavior.

IMO the cavalier gaffe of Bush the elder does not translate to a rejection of Dubya. It should translate as a warning to politicians of any party that they ignore their own words at some peril.

-- Lars (, October 06, 2000.

I'm voting for Gore because he was one of the founding members of Napalm Death!!!!!!

-- butt nugget (, October 06, 2000.

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