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I'am a bit confused and would appricate any views on this topic, I'm currently studing Public art at chealsea, london. I want to know how and if you can have a work that is considered public art, but may not respoind to the given site? surley if a pieacs of work is to be "shown" in a public space should it not reflect the world that surrounds it?

-- maggie rose (, October 05, 2000


Hi Maggie interesting question and one that, I would guess, has no definitive answer. From my own perspective, 'work' always has to exist within a specific location and circumstance and therefore cant and shouldnt be considered in isolation. However, plenty of people continue to make 'art objects/products'('paintings'- for example) which then go on to exist in a variety of different sites and situations with no directly considered relationship to them. Unfortunately, it seems like this frequently happens with publicly sited work too. My position would be that: context affects/= content and I find it difficult to believe that anyone could 'justify/legitimize' a practice that didnt take, or at least take into account, this view. good luck with your course Louise

-- Louise (, October 20, 2000.

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