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The Associated Press S T. P A U L, Minn., Oct. 5  The state is asking nearly 17,000 children to return $95 they were erroneously sent when the state mailed this years tax rebate checks. About 11,000 of the checks already have been cashed, said Peter Aschenbrener, who is directing the states sales tax rebate operation. The error is worth about $1.6 million. The state has given out rebates for the last two years because it has a budget surplus. The rebate for each person is based on income. This week, the Department of Revenue mailed letters asking 16,851 children to return the checks sent to them.

-- Doris (, October 05, 2000


Give back the tax rebate? Star Tribune Thursday, October 5, 2000

The state Revenue Department acknowledged Wednesday that it mailed 21,000 rebate checks in error this summer -- nearly 17,000 of which went to children under 18.

Now, officials are mailing letters to recipients of the checks, asking them to return the money.

The department estimates that 11,000 of the checks have been cashed. Authorities say that anyone who doesn't return the money risks having any future rebates or income tax refunds flagged and the money deducted.

Instant poll: Would you give the money back?

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-- Doris (, October 06, 2000.

Instant poll: Would you give the money back?

What money? :-'

-- spider (, October 06, 2000.

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