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What would be the best way to present a portfolio if I am applying to a photography school (university)or job as an assistant. Should I use straight prints FC or RC ? Should I use a few digitally (Photoshop 5)enhanced ones which come out cleaner or just straight prints from the enlarger? also if anyone knows a professional photographer who would take an amateur for work experience in Sydney, Australia please don't hesitate too respond to my email. Thanks to all respondants, Ben.

-- benjamin langley (benjaminlangley73@yahoo.com.au), October 05, 2000


Benjamin, as far as schools/colleges go - it depends. If they teach photography as part of the art curriculum they usually want to see a good variety of work, perhaps with a few examples in each 'category,' and they probably don't give a r...ts a..s as to whether they are pinhole, Photoshop, Platinum, toilet paper, RC, fiber, etc, etc, as long as they are good. On the other hand, if you have a good portfolio focused on one project, that will also work, except you are putting all your eggs in one basket.

Best bet is to find out before you go with a portfolio. If you live in the same city, perhaps you can sign up just for a photo course and thus get the lay of the land.

If you have to travel there, you can make an appointment to visit, and spend a few hours in the photo department. Find what kind of photography the faculty is interested in. Look at students' current work. They probably won't mind letting you know what they are looking for when they review portfolios.

Good luck!


p.s. I believe the above applies pretty well in the US - Don't know about Australia.

-- Christian Harkness (chris.harkness@eudoramail.com), October 05, 2000.

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