"Gays Make the Best Parents" (article)

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Some quotations from the article:

"Gillian Dunne, senior research fellow at the Gender Institute of the London School of Economics, recently unveiled her studyindicating that queer British dads are more compassionate toward their kids than their straight stiff-upper-lipped rivals. She found that gay men are "interested in extending their masculine identity to embrace nurturing qualities ... and they felt that one great gift they brought to the children was a sense of tolerance."

- -

"Studies additionally assert that the sexual orientation of moms or dads has no impact on their kids' sexuality, gender identity or any other aspect of their psychological and emotional development. Children of gays and lesbians form friendship bonds with their peers as easily as kids of straights do, despite the harassment and teasing that the former group is subjected to. A 1994 study conducted by Charlotte Patterson of the University of Virginia also revealed that children of lesbians exhibited "a greater overall sense of well-being" than kids of heteros, perhaps because their moms forced fewer "sex-typed" preferences upon them. "

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-- Johnny Canuck (j_canuck@hotmail.com), October 05, 2000


Studies show that NAMBLA Dads are very loving in a hands-on way.

-- (men@boy's.room), October 05, 2000.

Ridiculous piece of "research". IMO, here's the key point of this "study":

"But gay men who become fathers through ways other than being sexually active with women "have to actually opt into it," Dunne said."

"So the kind of thinking and care that goes into that kind of decision," Dunne said, "means its been a hard and long process for gay (men). Its a particularly committed man thats going to jump through all the hoops of becoming a father."

It's the freakin' EFFORT which goes into anything we undertake which dictates to a great extent the net outcome. Gay, straight, lefthanded (not that again), mathematician, custodian...doesn't matter one whit.

So readeth Bingo's "study". Hard copies available for sale in the lobby as you leave the theatre.

-- Bingo1 (howe9@shentel.net), October 05, 2000.

NAMBLA? You mean the National Association of Marlon Brando Look- Alikes?

-- The Engineer (spcengineer@yahoo.com), October 05, 2000.


I refuse to acknowledge the label. Nobody likes the slang label another group attaches to them. They like to be called by the labels they ascribe to themselves.

Gays do not like labels given them by heterosexuals, they like the label 'gay' that they give to themselves. I respect that, and call them gays.

African Americans and blacks do not like slang names traditionally used by members of other races. I respect that, and call them names they ascribe to themselves.

So, gays, please do not call me 'straight.' Like it or not, it's a pejorative, and one thought up by gays. Even if meant in a non- offensive way, it is still so. Treat me with respect, and I'll treat you with respect.

Now, I need to think of a label by which my group, regular middle aged Christian American white guys, who have jobs and pay back the community and pay taxes and respect their families, can call ourselves. Open for suggestions.

-- Scarecrow (Somewhere@over.rainbow), October 06, 2000.

We're all builders of walls. How's human being for a descriptive label? Will that one suffice? It embarrasses me often times, but it does have a certain ring to it.

-- Bingo1 (howe9@shentel.net), October 06, 2000.

Well, I finally got bored enough to check out this article. The author's basic premise is that he and his wife are "out-classed" by a group of lesbian mothers. Hogwash. There are good and bad parents no matter what other labels you pin on them.

Disregard the fact that their lesbians, my impression of the mothers he describes is they are PC-obsessed.

Well, la-de-dah.

I know my son enjoys having a dad in his life.

-- Buddy (buddydc@go.com), October 06, 2000.

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