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The september issue of OWR shows a photo of a bailing system on page 12. Is there any experience with other types of bailers? At what speed do they work?

I would like to install something on cruising boats with a max. speed of about 10 km/hr (I am european).

-- Ton den Boon (, October 04, 2000


I've used the self bailers in ultralite marathon canoes that max out at about 6mph. The small ones we use are absolutely essential. They work well at slow speeds, too. Without them, our 20lb, 18.5 ft canoes would react to an extra few lbs of water sloshing about.

-- John Zeigler (, January 09, 2001.

Question to John Zeigler.

Which type of bailers do you use? I have experience with Anderson type bailers but they do not close completely at low speeds. Do yours? I welcome your answer.

-- ton den boon (, January 11, 2001.

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