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The Democratic Party in TN is in such disarray in the last race for governor all they could muster up was a political gadfly who runs for, but doesn't campaign for, something each election. Although he ran as a democrat, the state Democratic Party didn't even endorse him. In the upcoming race for U.S. Senate, Senator Frist is leading his democratic challenger by 3-1 in the polls and he is doing virtually no campaigning. Bush is leading Gore by several percentage points in polls within TN and Gore is a favorite son.

One can argue TN, when it was a democratic stronghold, was out of the old Southern Democrat mold, which tended to be about as conservative as liberal. However, I'm told the Democratic Party in OH is in the same situation and it use to be a hardcore democratic state.

What is the state of the Democratic Party in your state?

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, October 04, 2000


Hi Ken,

Well, Ohio is a free-for-all. Take Republican Bob Taft as the Governor with the mighty Taft family name behind him and throw in the most populous county in Ohio (Cuyahoga)which is Democrat... ...and who knows what November may bring?


-- Craig Miller (, October 04, 2000.

My question is directed more towards the ability of the Democratic Party to run strong opponents for state-related offices, such as Governors, Senators, Representatives, etc., rather than how the state may vote overall for President.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, October 04, 2000.

I read a few days ago that here in Texas there are more Libertarians running for state offices than there are democrats because the democrats know they can't win because W. is so well liked that the Republican party has become that strong. That's a really gigantic change for Texas, which used to be locked up by the democrats.

-- Joe Cole (, October 04, 2000.

Must say the Democrats are running strong in North Florida - Jeb is pissing enough people off that they may be getting stronger - gotta hand it to the Bush family - they appear to be good at annoying others! Several strong Demo candidates running throughout Fla. for various offices. In fact, in the Tallahassee area, there were a lot of run-offs this week b/c of so many democrats running - and many were strong candidates for state house and senate, etc. Many more democratic run-offs than republican run-offs. However, both parties are getting out of control - less and less in touch with the "common folk". I've decided third party is the way to go!

-- Julia in Tally (, October 04, 2000.

The state of democRATS in Maine is that they are really Socialists. You want to vote democRATic here , vote for what is now called a republican. Want to vote against Gimme Girls, against Welfare Rats, and for the individual as defined in the Constitution (which you should read, and I'll bet you haven't!), then you are a Libertarian even though you don't know it! GL from the meek and fuzzy ---

-- Brad (, October 04, 2000.

I would say it seems to be alive and kicking. There's a lot of focus on WA state I guess. I know Maria Cantwell (D) is scaring some folks, particularly Slade Gorton, her opponent (R) who has been the incumbent Senator forever. Gov. Gary Locke (D) seems to have the Gov. spot locked up. I still can't figure out why the Reps put up John Carlson, who is kind of like a teenager, to run against him. Locally, there's been some lively repartee in a couple of State Rep. spots. I think Jennifer Dunn keeps the Republican party running pretty solid. I think both major parties are doing fine. AND the Greens have a big following here, too, as do Libertarians. Something for everyone!

-- sheepish (, October 04, 2000.

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