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A friend has brought it to my attention that his computer is being downloaded while he writes my e-mail addy or reads my e-mails. SHOCKING !!!!

I wish to remind all newcomers to the forum and oldtimers also--any corrospondence with is monitered. I am an enemy of the state ! Make no mistake, if you write me , you will be scrutinised as one also !

For those of you that found this out too late, my apology's ! It is better to respond in a post than to my e-mail---so sorry to friends !

-- Joel Rosen (, October 04, 2000


if "they" want something to read i think we should all e-mail you every day ..just to say hi. i know i would be more then glad to keep them busy.. let me know.

-- renee oneill (, October 04, 2000.

They don't scare me. I think maybe they need to get a life. I'll send you lots of mail too if you want.

-- Cindy in Ky (, October 04, 2000.

How would you be able to tell ? I'm not to good at this .I also tried to reply and my server was reset.

-- Patty Gamble (, October 04, 2000.

Hi out there, M.I.B. (Men In Black)...

Don't forget to download your favorite Napster music before the site is shut down while your reading our emails :)

My sympathy for the guys on the grave yard shift. No social life. No parties. What a drag.

From a Navy vet who knows what long and boring watches are like.


-- Craig Miller (, October 04, 2000.

So you're a tagged man huh?This intrusion into ones privacy is not suprising in our "information age". You know what they say Joel;if they chase you out of town, make it look like you're leading a parade!

-- Beth Weber (, October 04, 2000.

Sounds like you and I have a lot in common. I'm not too fond of the criminals in Washington either.

-- Joe Cole (, October 04, 2000.

I've tried to e-mail you a couple of times. Each time I got a Mail- deman?? thing that said the message couldn't be delivered.

-- Cindy (, October 04, 2000.

Shocking but not surprising. As I said in the email I sent - they need to GET A LIFE!!! Our prayers continue to go out to you.

-- Judi (, October 04, 2000.

Ive been a professional computer geek for 17 years. I started in the Air Force and was what many would consider sort of a half a$$ spook. If you were being monitored then they already know that you visit this site. If they were interested in following what you were up to then they would also already have investigated the posting habits of those of us who post on this forum wether we have replied to you or not. In other words, they either already know who we all are and where we are or they arent watching. Warning not necessary.

-- William in WI (, October 04, 2000.

The information I received stated that as they tried to write or read e-mails that their hourglass appeared and stayed on. I'm no computer genious--I don't exactly know what that means except it means the computer is loading or downloading something--- ( Right ?). I don't want anyone to suffer unnecessarily. I'm dumb but I'm not stupid so no vital information ever crosses a detectable line anyway. Thanks for your support--it means alot ! I love that run out of town--lead the parade analogy !

-- Joel Rosen (, October 04, 2000.

All an hourglass means is that the processor or disk is busy doing something.

If your friend wants to really see what's happening, have them download ZoneAlarm and install it. Then they can catch all the inquires. Another interesting piece of software to have them play with is TDImon at This bad boy shows you ALL the IP traffic on and off your machine. Can generate a log file for reviewing later.

These programs will show all the traffic. I think your friend has a balky connection or some other problem. Proof is always interesting...

If someone is reading the email at the ISP server level, there's really no way of finding out unless the ISP fibs. And you can't detect that on the PC that's dialed up...

just a computer elmer...

-- elmer (, October 04, 2000.

We were OK here until I posted a response to someone looking for info on what Cat Stevens was up to lately. Seems I used key words like: Ayatollah Kohmeni, death sentence, Hamas, Muslim, etc..... Now our internet surfing is being tracked by someone at the Univ. of Florida (yeah right). The funny thing is our dogs are named: Weaver, Ruby and Ridge, and who knows what will happen when I mention them in postings and e-mails?

-- Rose Marie Wild (, October 04, 2000.

what i have noticed is the last 4 posts never made it into my e- mail..... everything else from today did. makes you say hummmmmmmmm

-- renee oneill (, October 04, 2000.

Speaking of Cat man, isn't there going to be (already been?) an "in his own words" sort of made for tv mini series or some such?

-- Soni (, October 04, 2000.

I had all his albums. Oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that!

-- Cindy in Ky (, October 04, 2000.

Hells Bells, we're All probably on someones list. Think about it. We represent the most dangerous subversive group out there. We think for ourselves!

If you've ever sent a letter or e mail to any elected Federal official that was not a "love note" Your on a list. If you've ever bought ammo on line or had it shipped, your on a list. Subscription to Countryside...Backwoods Home...Your on a list. Permit to carry a gun, bought a gun in the last 10 years(via a dealer), Visited a patriot website, gone to a preparedness expo, ordered any book from paladin press..... You get the picture.

My brother worked for one of the government agencys at one time. He told me the amount of domestic survellance is incredable. They had too much info and not enough people to analyze it then. But that's been a few years ago.

Remember if the Clintonista regime continues in Washington it will only get worse.

-- John in S IN (, October 04, 2000.

Dear Joel, Thanks for the warning, we realize that everything we do or say is being monitored by someone at sometime. I used to buy Backwoods Home magazine at the bookstore just to avoid being put on the "subversive" list had I subcribed to it! Now I don't care what "they" know about me anymore, matter of fact, I wish that "they" feared "us" and respected our opinions even more! I have voted on the Libertarian ballot since they qualified to exist on the national election ticket, and cannot hardly wait till enough people start voting Libertarian to really make a difference in this country. Take notice, Men In Black, that the revolution is upon you!

-- Annie Miller (, October 04, 2000.

Yes, most of you are the most subversive group on planet earth. Locked away in your minds are the most dangerous weapons on the earth. Creative Thoughts ! Add a little Free Speech and your more dangerous than any Swat or HRT team, for you have the power to influence people by your very existince ! Janet cannot permit that.

I happen to know that many of you have conducted clandestine operations. I have heard the rumors. You have made bread by grinding grains you grew. Witness's have seen you hanging clothes out to dry, gathering eggs, shearing sheep, spinning wool, knitting clothes. We have read your confessions to making wines, jams, harvesting honey, and trading goods. Some have confessed to blasphamy by teaching their own children instead of sending them to the government pit of useless information. These children will suffer heavily in the new era I am told, as they know both good and evil. Many of you own the key to treason by having multible books in your homes. The book is the most dangerous weapon to the state for in it lies knowledge.

I started this thread to warn people of the dangers of talking to me. I changed my mind, speak to me ! I own weapons of destruction and I'm labelled a threat to the state. I'm no threat ! I can kill men but I cannot kill ideas. You can kill a hundred dreamers but you cannot kill the dream ! Natural law is not something you or I read or learned somewhere, no, not at all. Natural law is born inside of you. I'm sure it was nutured by strong influences in your life. Some of those lessons are happy memories and some are harsh realities. Both are needed to form strength.

I am proud to know each and every one of you ! Though we have never met face to face, we have met in our minds. We have not always agreed and that is an asset not a liability. The road ahead is a harsh one but I am comforted by your support. I am reminded of these words by Dr. King--" Like any man, I would like to live a long life, Longdevity has it's place ! But I'm not worrying about that now, I'M NOT FEARING ANY MAN, I just want to do God's will ! " Thanks for your support ! Please continue to fight as mentioned above with each of you showing your many talents as we struggle. I'm afraid in a world gone madd that you are the vessels containing the dream, be good to one another !

-- Joel Rosen (, October 05, 2000.

joel, we are all on lists take alook at the who's who site i am not in the phone book but some how i am on that site. it gives you my full name address and telephone #. i think the most important thing we can do is to keep our kids from being on lists,stay away from school systems and sports that require a copy of their birth cert. i sure would not hand out mine but yet every year lots of parents copy their childs and hand it over to unknown people.sure you maybe able to get a copy of it but why make it that easy?

it became quit clear to me this year when the local public school called and wanted to know where my daughter was and why she was not enrolled. how do they know who she is? i guess birthrecords it realy freaked me out that she is known by all yet i dont know who. we can only be as private as the world we live in and at this point that is a joke. so to ever is out there watching me and keeping track of my actions could you please tell me where i left the mower key i really need it! good day

-- renee oneill (, October 05, 2000.

I believe that it is high time that the "local" issues ignored by the press nationaly be made known. I have come to learn how we are being cheated of the truth by the press picking and choosing for us, that which they think is worthy. Example ...The Grays of Trinidad TX. In NY we hear nothing of this. Are there any other local "incidents" that should be made known?

-- Ed Weaver (, October 05, 2000.

I am a member of the "press" and believe me, the ones of us who are struggling to get the "truth" out about coruption in govt. and lots of other things "they" don't want told have our HANDS MORE THAN FULL!

We are threatened, arrested, and who knows what else! Don't let anybody intimidate you for what you believe in! We have rights in this country and we must all work to make certain those rights are maintained!!! or we're not going to have any!

-- Suzy in 'Bama (, October 05, 2000.

Joel, just remember were with you all the way. I have always looked at it like this fear the gov. that fears you! My husband works for the gov. (U.S. Treasury) and several years ago we had a bumper sticker on my truck for the GPAA Gold Prospectors Asso of America, my husband was comfronted by his cheif and told that he was a security risk. Wonder what they think now, that we have our homestead? Also one summer we had went to a gun show and my husbands work found out about that and again he was questioned as to why we were there dah. the point is that we are individuals and we are suppose to live in a free country, but the day that I feel that I have to watch who I write or speak with or who my contacts are then it will be time to hang it up. So it you need an array of e-mails sent please lets us know. By the way I've only been the pc for about 4 mon for countryside what state do you live in ?

-- tracy emily (, October 06, 2000.

I live in the state that the greatest patriots in history called home--Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Robert E. Lee, and last but still the greatest patriot in history, Patrick Henry ! VIRGINIA

-- Joel Rosen (, October 06, 2000.

Joel my friend;

I've been gone for awhile but please know that if ever you need someone to cover your "six" just holler and this ol Missouri boy will come arunnin.

-- Jim Tanner (, October 06, 2000.

Mr. Weaver, another local incident that is not being covered is a church in Indiana that is being confiscated by the IRS. I forget all the details as this situation has been going on for months now, but the IRS claims the church owes taxes on funds in excess of one million dollars. The church has a small membership and has never taken in that much. The IRS claims the church is not eligible for tax exemption because they did not fill out and sign a form 501C3. They didn't do the form because they felt it interferred with their right to preach the Bible as they saw fit and to support and endorse the candidates they considered best for the job. Now the IRS has given them a condemnation date. The church members have said in the past they would not surrender the church. The Michigan Militia and several others have said that if the church chooses not to surrender, then they will back them up. Another touchy situation, but this one is in town, although I forget which one. There are so many crisis both in others lives and the minor ones in mine (well went dry last night) that I cannot remember everything, but this one has about as much potential as the Grays.

If you want more information on what is going on, get a shortwave or listen on the internet at Monday thru Thursday night at 8 p.m. central time.

-- Green (, October 07, 2000.

Exactly as I thought!!!! Please call me Ed. Makes me think I'm old when people call me Mr. Weaver,Ha Ha. I had a feeling these little fires are occurring in more than one spot. Time to get off my fourth point of contact, and see if I can spark some support. I will go and find out more about this one. Thanks for the info.

-- Ed Weaver (, October 07, 2000.

We have friends that belong to a church similar to the Baptist church in Indpls. that the IRS is after. UBF-Unregistered Baptist Fellowship. (The friends don't pay taxes, either) Anyway, she told me a couple years ago, that because we're friends with them, that we are being "watched" too. And if "Anything would happen and they'd have to leave in a hurry, We'd be the first place the "authorities" would look. And they wouldn't be polite enough to knock either.

Anyway Joe, why doesn't the e-meails I send you go through?

-- Cindy (, October 08, 2000.

Oops, that Joel.

-- Cindy (, October 08, 2000.

I'm not sure, Cindy. I once received a returned mail that I had written to a friend which said-- Receipient does not like you". Boy did that one throw me ! I thought old hoot hated my guts for a month. Than I received another such message from one I sent my mother. I just quessed that my mom didn't hate me so I called webtv.

It seems that when one server is jammed up and working overtime that it is to busy and this message is sent back. Some servers never cooperate with each other. That is what I hope the problem is !

There is always snail mail !

-- Joel Rosen (, October 08, 2000.

Joel, I think your problem may be that you have downloaded and using some "spyware". Elmer gave you some good advice. For more about this go to It is my husband and he is considered one of the formost authorities on internet privacy issues, anti-hacking etc. Arm yourself with information. If we choose to use this technology it is our responsibility to learn how to protect ourselves. My own thoughts is that you are probably not an enemy of the state but of your internet provider who likes to censor your activities read your sign-up agreement. AOL makes no bones about it's right to monitor your movements, it would not surprise me to find out that webtv does the same.

-- Terri (, October 09, 2000.

It seems funny to me but as soon as I either posted or read this thread I have had nothing but problems .My server keeps getting reset .Kinda funny .

-- Patty Gamble (, October 10, 2000.

I got a free spyware thing called Optout a couple months ago. Looks for the things and gets them. I didn't have any on mine when I ran it. It's cool though.

-- Cindy in Ky (, October 10, 2000.

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