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He's a minister in the Church of Satan whose act was banned in Salt Lake City - but controversial gory Goth rocker Marilyn Manson leans Republican.

Interviewed in November's Talk magazine, Manson reveals that he can't stand President Clinton or Al Gore - and that he loathes the Dems' VP pick, Sen. Joe Lieberman, who partly blames Manson for the Columbine HS massacre.

"If I had to pick, I'd pick Bush, and not necessarily by default," Manson told Talk. "I know I don't support what the other team is about."

Now I have heard it all. After this I am shock-proof.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 02, 2000


Rupert Murdoch is a big-time donor to Al Gore.

-- strange but true (strange@but.true), October 02, 2000.

***He's a minister in the Church of Satan***

eewwwwwwwww is that true?

-- cin (cin@=0.)), October 02, 2000.

I saw that one, Unk. The caption read: "Marilyn Manson says he can't vote for Gore because, "He's a little weird."

-- Anita (, October 03, 2000.

Why am I screwing up so much lately on my image inserts?

-- Anita (, October 03, 2000.

I think it's time for me to hit the sack. Third try here:

-- Anita (, October 03, 2000.

It's the shot-glass theory. I learned something new today, and the gallon overflew the shotglass brain and all my HTML knowledge overflowed.

-- Anita (, October 03, 2000.

Marilyn Mansons politics dont surprise me. Ive read that he is a very self-controlled kind of a guy who reads a lot, not to be confused with the persona he plays to make his living.

He likes to be provocative. Here is a quote from him.

SAT results should be directly linked to the death sentence. Those who dont reach a certain score should be executed.

From an interview in Guitar World, December 1996.


-- dandelion (golden@pleurisy.plant), October 03, 2000.

I refuse to give up. Ya gotta see this guy to appreciate him.

-- Anita (, October 03, 2000.

I now screwed up the HTML for anyone else. Let's see if this helps.

-- Anita (, October 03, 2000.

Well, he's not the kind of guy you would want to take home and introduce to your parents, but I'm glad he has chosen the right candidate to vote least give the guy some kind of credit for that! SHEEEEEESH!@

-- bush bush bush (bushbushbushbush!!@boretheboreeeee.xcom), October 03, 2000.

a great front/man for bush yup-MOVING RITE ALONG!!

-- not surprised (, October 03, 2000.

You mean Marilyn Manson is not a woman?

-- Lars (, October 03, 2000.

al-d, your posts are looking very normal lately. Are you OK?

-- Lars (, October 03, 2000.

Spokesman for Satan, spokesman for Bush. What is so strange about that?

-- (i.don', October 03, 2000.

I have enough trouble just looking at him. It sears my eyeballs

-- cin (cin@=0.)), October 03, 2000.

Manson also claimed that despite being a fan of Lennon's, he believed that former Beatle was responsible for his own death - the star was gunned down by crazed fan Mark Chapman in 1980.

Manson said: "While I'm not a communist, I'm the furthest from a communist, some of Lennon's communist sentiments in his music later in his life were very dangerous. I think he died because of it. I don't think his death was any sort of accident. Aside from that, I think he's one of my favourite songwriters of all time. I think the b-side for our first single may have a cover of 'Working Class Hero' on it."

The singer, who was blamed by elements of the media for the Columbine tragedy on April 20 last year, also drew comparisons between 'Holy Wood' and The Beatles' 'White Album', which featured 'Helter Skelter', the track which Charles Manson said inspired the Sharon Tate murders. He also argued that The Beatles bore more responsibility for the Sharon Tate murder by Charles Manson's 'Family' than he did for the US school massacre.

-- Looks like MM is not (on@the.left), October 03, 2000.

huh? _ fixed?

-- underlined away (, October 03, 2000.

"He also argued that The Beatles bore more responsibility for the Sharon Tate murder by Charles Manson's 'Family' than he did for the US school massacre."

Could someone please post that argument?

We can start a pool, to see how fast Flint can deconstruct it. I'll bet on a New York minute. {Unless the uber-posting gremlin gets to him first}

-- flora (***@__._), October 03, 2000.

-- Anita (, October 03, 2000.

As If...........

So I'd listen to someone who pisses on stage? Just look @ him...


On a kinder note, IF my son EVER bought any music from that weirdo in my home, I'd throw it across the damn street.!!!!

-- consumer (, October 03, 2000.

MM had a couple of ribs removed so he could suck his own penis....

guess he's one of those self reliant type right-wingers.

-- Will (, October 04, 2000.

He's just jealous of Clinton because Monica never offered him a hummer, so now he has to play solo on his skin flute.

-- (mm@glam.fag), October 04, 2000.

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