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When did the C of G go through Statesboro? Was Statesboro on the main line from Atlanta to Savannah? Any info on the railway in Statesboro would be helpful.

-- Michelle Kullen (michelle_kullen@hotmail.com), October 02, 2000


I was in Statesboro and Metter this past week and saw a lot of activity on the Dover-Metter line now run by Georgia Midland. There were cars being spotted at Howard Lumber, Southern States, and Reeves Construction Asphalt plant; at two grain storage sites in Register, and at two places in Metter. However, the track looks to be in poor condition in many places.

-- Ashley James (ashley2771@yahoo.com), March 11, 2005.

I was in Metter and Statesboro this week and there is track equipment at Metter and Register and new ties and spikes have been installed. There was cars spotted as buisnesses in both Metter and Statesboro. This line is in use.

-- Steve Riley (jriley1002@aol.com), April 29, 2001.

Statesboro was not on the Savannah-Macon mainline. There was a branch off of the mainline at Dover that went through Statesboro and on to Metter and ended up in Brewton on the Wrightsville & Tennille about 8 miles north of Dublin. The portion between Metter and Brewton was abandoned many years ago, but portions of the right-of- way as well as trestle remains can be seen in the swamps along the highway between Metter and Soperton. Also in Statesboro was a branch of the Georgia & Florida from Midville. When I was a kid, I recall that the CofG and G&F crossed each other right in the middle of the intersection of Highway 80 and 301... quite a junction! Years earlier, there was even a line from Statesboro toward Savannah that branched off of the Seaboard at Cuyler. The SAL line was originally built by the Central of Georgia. I believe that the CofG line from Dover to Statesboro is now run by the Ogeechee Railroad. The line from Statesboro to Metter is still intact, but hasn't seen action in several years.

-- Tom Alderman (Topa12283@aol.com), October 03, 2000.

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