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Hello all,

I just found this site and its good to know there s a place for MV owners to exchange knowledge & experiences.

Do any of you experience very strong oily fumes when you're riding your F4?

They are slightly noticable to you (the rider) when stationary and idling at a junction or lights. Also noticable to any of your mates who are riding behind you, when actually on the move. But most noticable when you go indoors, having ridden the F4 and you and your gear (leathers, backpack, etc) absolutely wreak of fumes - really strong.

I've owned many sports bikes but never had this problem before.

Obviously the tail pipes are under the seat and, when stationary, the exhaust fumes may have a chance to filter back over the seat unit and up your back, but even if this is the case should they really smell so oily.

Could I have a mixture problem? Any ideas?

Cheers Jon (UK)

-- Jon Whale (UK) (jw@mdsys.globalnet.co.uk), October 01, 2000


Please check your oil filter. They have had problems of bad threads on the oil filter. The oil leaks through. Does the fume smell disappear after a bit of riding? (burnt off of your exhaust pipes) I've had 2 bad filters installed on mine, the 3rd works as it should.

-- mod (mvf4s@excite.com), October 02, 2000.

I come back reeking of exhaust, not burnt oil, after riding my F4. I hadn't considered this to be much of an issue. I suspect the location of the pipes and something about the way the air moves over the bike and me.

-- Michael Manning (mmanning@meretrx.com), October 09, 2000.

Under certain conditions, my exhaust gasses are rich enough to coat the seat section and license plates with a dirty brown soot that has a definite oder...

john lawton

-- john lawton (US) (jslawton@aol.com), October 10, 2000.

When i ride mi f4 mi clothes smell like fumes of exhaust or oil i dont no, i think it could be the air dinamic that produce that the exhaust fumes return to the rider, i am correct? is a solution for this . thanks in advance

-- jose ducci (joseducci@bolocco-sa.cl), October 12, 2001.

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