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Foam on the Range

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Deep in the heart of rural New Zealand, a few cows are producing a super-frothy milk to the delight of the cafe set -- and the surprise of the dairy industry.

Variations in milk have not always made it easy for latte or cappuccino drinkers to get the frothy frill they expect with their coffee.

Scientists have been working on the problem, but now around 1500 cows on seven farms in remote Owhangao in the central North Island have been found to naturally produce frothy milk all year round.

``There's definitely something in the grass,'' King Country Milk Manager Les Graham said in a statement.

``It could be anything from our consistency of the way we process the milk. At this stage we can't be certain.''

King Country Milk expects to process up to 5000 liters of the milk a day -- enough to satisfy the taste-buds of about 50,000 latte-lovers.

-- milk lover (moo@moo.moo), October 01, 2000


Ah! It's them frothy Kiwis at it again. Congratulations to all cows in this programme to bring satisfaction to so many latte-loving Kiwi- land dwellers. I had no idea there were so many of them left over there...hehe

-- Pieter (, October 01, 2000.

New discoveries never stop to amaze me! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to make the perfect milk foam on a capucino?

I wonder now if some chocolate-milk producing cows will be found somewhere. There's a rumor that there are such cows in Hershey, PA, but I've never seen one myself in the pasture when driving around Hershey.

-- (, October 01, 2000.

Polly want a latte?

-- (DianeJ.Squire@spacey.places), October 01, 2000.

Hey, man, that is what I have been saying for thirty years-definately something in the grass...fill in another bowl, man

-- DavidCrosby (stillsmokin@fterallthese.years), October 01, 2000.

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