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Dear Balakrishnan,

This is for the second time i am contacting you for some other purpose. First time i was looking for South Indian Marriage songs and this time i am looking for Is there any University/school/College in any part of USA has Carnatic Music has their Major for me to join as a full time student. If you know could you kindly send me the address of the site or else kindly guide me how to find it since i am not getting the necessary information either in Alta vista/Yahoo and other search Engine. Kindly help me out in finding this site please. Regards, Lakshmei

-- Lakshmei (, September 29, 2000


To the best of my knowledge, Wesleyan University has an ethno musicolgy department offering programs in Carnatic music. Higgins Bagawathar was head of the department there. Ramnad Raghavan teaches Mridangam also.

Shyam Rajagopal

-- Shyam Rajagopal (, October 02, 2000.


I found the following universities having some musical programmes. You can check it up.

University Programmes Featuring IndianMusic

Cleveland State Univeristy - Wesleyan Univeristy,Middletown - York Univeristy, Toronto - Monash Univeristy, Melbourne -

Good luck


-- Raji Vivek (, October 18, 2000.

Be careful when you are looking into these universities. Wesleyan's fine. L.Shankar went there, and so did McLaughlin and all. But the other universities, man. Indian music is stereotyped to Ravi Shankar and the sitar. No offence, with all due respect, if it were not for the hippies of the 60s Ravi Shankar would not have been as popular in the west as he is today. I am just so vexed with Hindustani being called "Indian Music". Be really careful. My sister took a course at UC Santa Cruz, where it said "Indian Music" and they supposedly had a "trained" teacher, some Indian dude from some place north of Narmada. This guy could not even pronounce Dikshitar's name correct and would make all these mistakes when teaching Indian music. I am serious. If you really really want to learn Indian classical, go to Chennai, hang out during the concert season, and find yourself a guru, and spend time learning. If you can do that, you are really lucky. I really want to do that, but cannot. Anyway, I wish you luck in your endeavours.


-- Hmmmm. (, August 07, 2001.

Hello , I'm Anil Prabhu & i own a company entitled "Dancing Dolphin" based in Central New Jersey that's in the business of distributing music for the N.American territory. I've been in the music industry for approximately 13 years in Bombay & have been in New Jersey since the last year & a half. Dancing Dolphin has exclusive contracts with approximately 20 Indian music cos prominent amongst which are reputable Indian cos such as BMG/Inreco/Geethanjali/Lahari/Sagar Sangeeth/Aditya etc & until now was only servicing wholesellers but am in the process of developing my website & have started servicing direct enquiries as i find that there is a genuine lack of maturity to the retail environment as regards Indian music. From the cos that i represent,quite a few are from the South & hence have an array of carnatic/devotional/sanskrit shlokas etc. I have noticed from this forum that there are quite a few queries pertaining to the non availability of carnatic titles & am willing to give it a shot in trying to obtain the same for them. Kindly revert with enquiries at my tel # is 732- 6989880. Warm regards, Anil Prabhu.

-- Anil Prabhu (, May 11, 2002.

I know this post is a few years old but I just happened to come upon it and so I thought I would answer. Many years ago I studied Carnatic Music at Amherst College in Massachusettes with Prof. David Reck. As far as I know he is still teaching there. I would recommend contacting the college and asking for him. hope this helps.

-- Ammishaddai (, December 12, 2003.

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