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Smoke grounds jet A brief scare rearranged travel plans for passengers aboard an American Airlines flight from Omaha to Dallas Wednesday afternoon.

Shortly after takeoff from Eppley Airfield the pilot decided to turn the plane back because of smoke in the cockpit.

He told passengers that the smoke was coming from the air-conditioning unit.

Emergency crews were called to the scene as a precaution but the plane landed without incident.

Mechanics tried to track down the source of the smoke.

-- Rachel Gibson (, September 28, 2000


These aircraft problems seem to be getting fewer and fewer; remember how many we read about the first part of this year?

-- Nancy7 (, September 28, 2000.

Yes, Nancy, the print media appears to be reporting fewer and fewer of them. I'm still seeing them reported on tv news, though. Haven't been mentioning them here because I don't have links for them.

-- Rachel Gibson (, September 28, 2000.

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