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Trying to shoot a film with a six-year-old and a four month puppy practically gave me a stroke. Have you ever worked with children or animals?

-- Kymm Zuckert (hedgehog@hedgehog.net), September 27, 2000


The best experience I had working with kids was when I was a teenager and working in the church nursery on Sundays. I had charge of the two- and three-year-olds during the service; it was a great way to avoid church and make a little money besides. The kids were great, and usually there weren't more than 12 of them. Once a visiting little one wet herself, which explained why she never left her chair after she got there.

The worst experience was planning a camp program for an alumni reunion; y'know, park your kids and have a good time. I didn't have to interact with the kids, but dealing with the parents and the counselors was crazed enough.


-- Robert (rbdimmick@earthlink.net), September 27, 2000.

I've never worked with children, but I get together with my siblings does that count? I have 11 neices and nephews and 8 of them are 8 to 10 years old. After about an hour I want to pull my uterus out. I did work at the dog track for about a year in my younger days. I worked in a kennel helping to feed, excersize, and train the greyhounds. I loved it. I would walk in to their little outside enclosure and there were about 30 dogs on each side. All 30 would come and beg to be pet or they would just lean against you. You have never felt so loved as to be in the middle of a mass of greyhounds.

-- Amy T. (als918@aol.com), September 27, 2000.

as i type this i am in the childrens room of the library where i'm working today. surrounded...

-- nicole (nicolemrw@go.com), September 27, 2000.

My cat is all over me whenever I sit down at the computer to work.

And when I was married, I gave up bringing work home whenever my stepkids were over. They would be perfectly content until I started to work, then they suddenly needed my immediate attention.

-- Catherine (catcoicrit@earthlink.net), September 29, 2000.

I work with children and animals every day! Okay, so I'm a housewife with pets. But it's not any easier without a camera, I swear! We just got a new dog, and he is giving me FITS. I'm not a dog person anyway, it's not even my dog, but I'm taking him in, out, trying to train him, oh the sheer joy of it all.

Trying to train my kid not to put his hand in the dog's mouth, also a challenge.

-- Saundra (headspace@anywherebeyond.com), September 29, 2000.

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