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Y2K actually consists of a series of conspiracies which have become interwoven as different groups in power try to retain as much of that power as possible, and even to extend their power in some cases. Each of the conspiracies will be examined in detail in the following chapters, along with the implications and consequences involved.

The first conspiracy was to ignore the problem, allowing the capitalists to make more profits by not having to make the corrections and pay for their mistakes. This was further compounded when the insurance companies bought in, since they know that if things get really bad, they won't have to pay off for the damages brought about by Y2K. Either the society will collapse and they won't have to pay out, or the government will absolve them of all but token payments to save the insurance carriers from bankruptcy, ensuring that they will be able to continue to make huge profits and generous campaign contributions.

The next conspiracy was when the government joined, making statements that things were not as bad as people claimed, and citing their experts to refute anyone who claimed that we were headed for a disaster. The government figured that the people were getting restless and more difficult to control, and was afraid that the rise of the militia movement, the people who wanted flat taxes, and some other political groups could affect the current status quo. The best way to make sure that those who are dissatisfied are too busy to cause trouble is to give them something more important to think about for a while. The beauty of Y2K is that those with money and power could set themselves up to survive and take advantage of the economy no matter what happens after Y2K causes problems.

The media jumped onto the bandwagon. They have been out of touch with the people for decades, and decided to join the government and big business in order to retain their favored status. They do not believe that things can be changed, so they are not going to jeopardize their current position. It would give them too much credit to say that they were an unwitting part of some conspiracy, because anyone with any common sense knows that you can only believe that most stories in the mainstream media have some basis in reality. The facts, the slant, and the conclusions may all add up, but remember that careful editing of the facts can still be used to prove that the earth is flat and that the sun revolves around the earth. You can change what people believe more by editing what you tell them, how you tell it, and what stories you don't report than you can by telling them blatant lies. The media has worked for years to try to make everyone in this country believe as they do, and they constantly lie with their surveys to make sure that the results they publish are presented in the most favorable way to support their own personal, liberal beliefs and agendas.

The next conspiracy was hatched by the financial network. The bankers know that they are going to have problems, but figure that they will be bailed out by the government if everything goes OK. If not, they won't have to worry about paying anyone back because the money won't really be worth anything. In the meantime, they can make a killing on the stock market. It will soar to record highs, breaking all expected limits during the spring and possibly the summer. By the fall, it should fluctuate more, but remain somewhat steady at high levels. It won't crash until right before the start of the new year. In the financial disaster, those who are prepared for it and have the money to risk will make the killing of a lifetime.

The last conspiracy that will be covered was hatched by a small group within the government. Their hope and intent is to take over the country and make it a police state. The areas which resist successfully will be written off, since they think that the rest of the world will be even worse off than America will. Those who think that this is all paranoid should remember that the same laws which have been instituted in the major cities in this country by liberals over the last forty years have been tried before. The only difference is that they have been instituted in America over a longer period of time, and were introduced by the existing government instead of being instituted and enforced by a police state just after the existing government was removed from power.

After reading this book, what you decide to do with this information is your responsibility. I do not intend to cover the probable effects of Y2K in great detail and give suggestions on how to prepare yourself for what may come. There are many other books currently available, including two which were written by myself just prior to this book. I have no great hopes that either one of them will ever be printed and released, any more than this book will. Even if I covered every conceivable problem which could occur, I could not tell you how to handle each situation because there are some things that some people would not do that others would do without hesitation. You must decide for yourself what is believable, what you are willing to prepare for, and what you are willing to do to survive.

Nowhere in our entire planet are the economies, cultures, and technology of the various countries so connected as they are in our computers and communications services. They are held together by a fragile network, appropriately named the web. It is the small gossamer strands of the web that support the entire weight of our civilization, allowing communication, and control to such a degree that our current society could not function at the speed it does without the web and computers.

Like the web of a spider, the strands are strong and somewhat flexible. However, they have the same weakness. If

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