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Phoenix Project: Preparing to Survive Y2K

-- Ken Decker (, September 26, 2000


My mother always told me..."Son, never trust a Pickelheimer." We have been feuding with the Pickelheimers for decades, ever since ol Erastimus C. Pickelheimer stuck a bee in great-granny Deedah's bonnet.

War is hell.

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 26, 2000.

Uh huh, and so is lack of a space bar.

-- Patricia (, September 26, 2000.

From Kirkus Reviews:

"Tense and taught. A real page-turner. A must-read"


Rick said, "Thanks Dan, you won't regret this"


-- Lars (, September 26, 2000.

"WOW" is right, Lars. I suppose it's too late to obtain a First Edition, eh?

-- Patricia (, September 26, 2000.

We're all gonna DIE!!!

Gotta go feed the worms ;)

-- Peg (too@much.spam), September 26, 2000.

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