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I would like to know if anyone could help me, I have been using Ilford 3200 to shoot my sons football games. This week we are under the lights and I am out and can't get it in time from my supplier.

I have attached a pic from a roll of Ilford 3200, developed in TMAX. I wonder if the grain will be similar if I push the TMAX 400 to 3200?

I realize that this is a scan, but I am just wondering if the results might be close to the picture?

The option is to shoot slower, but I have become used to the detail, I usuall get away with shooting at f22 late in the afternoon, shutter speeds are very fast, as aleays I appreciate your help!

Jeff Riehl

-- Jeff Riehl (, September 26, 2000


Typically, when you push a lower speed film (400) to 3200, you will loose shadow detail. I would recommend a developer like Acufine for pushing. This is what that developer is made for.

-- Scott Walton (, September 27, 2000.

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