Rabbit not drinking water

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I noticed yesterday that our doe had not had any water yesterday. Checked this morning and still didn't drink any. The water bottle is working well and the buck is having no trouble drinking. Up until now she has not had a problem.

She does have ear mites, I noticed yesterday. Today I will treat with mineral oil, but could this cause her not to drink?

Her skin is loose, so I am worried about dehydration.

Any help will be appreciated.

Idaho Cher

-- Cher Rovang (fullcircle@nidlink.com), September 26, 2000


Cher, I'll let the real rabbit raisers answer for what else might be wrong with your doe, but in the mean time try giving her a very shallow saucer or bowl with water in it. It might just be that moving her head makes her ears bother her. So something that doesn't require moving or tipping her head might help get some water in her. It would need to be deep enough that she can get the water out of it, but shallow enough she doesn't have to raise her head to get into it. You'll have to keep refilling it if she does start drinking as it won't hold much water at a usuable depth. You might also want to try just a bit of sugar or otherwise "season" the water with something she likes. Possibly some raw carrot juice. Anything to encourage her to get her nose in it. Gerbil

-- Gerbil (ima_gerbil@hotmail.com), September 26, 2000.

You might check the teeth. I've had some with crooked teeth that were not obvious, but it did prevent drinking. I have one right now I need to check, because he hasn't had any water for 2 days. He did drink when I squeezed the bottle for him, though.

-- Teresa (otgonz@bellsouth.net), September 26, 2000.

Give her some slices of fresh, juicy apple. Even if she ignores the water she should eat the apple, which will help rehydrate her. Carrot would be good also, but not as wet. I once got a rescued baby wild rabbit to eat/drink "people" food using apple and carrot. He never did drink water out of a dish or other container during the month I had him till he was old enough to release.

-- Annie Miller (Ann.Miller@1st.net), September 29, 2000.

I'm not sure what the problem is but give her dish and maybe she will drink out of that. I don't use water bottles cause when was the last time you saw a wild rabbit drink out of one?

-- Leslie ann Rigley (impguard@telenet.net), September 30, 2000.

I DO use water bottles (in spite of the fact thatwild rabbits don't drink out of them) because they spill their water less! IF this rabbit continues not to drink you may have major problems.

Last year my best-friend-cat Biscuit got dehydrated and the vet had to give her fluids under her skin in several places. She was dehydrated because she was running a fever.

If this is a special pet or a special expensive breeding rabbit, you may want to have the vet look at her if things don't change within a day. best wishes!

-- Suzy in 'Bama (slgt@yahoo.com), October 01, 2000.

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