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Some 20,000 government web sites, containing some 27 million pages, have been accessed to a single site - Examples of uses are: you can track your Social Security benefits, apply for a federal student loan, find the nearest VA hospital or reserve a campsite at a national park.

You can very likely send the President an e-mail through it. Does it make a difference? I have a friend in Colorado who sent President Reagan a letter. The President called him personally from Camp David to talk about a couple of things in his letter, plus they both had horses. A couple of years later he shook hands with President Reagan in a receiving line. He mentioned he doubted the President remembered the call; however, the President said, "Oh, yes, you are the one with the horses."

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, September 26, 2000


If you email, you get an automated reply. I've only heard back from state representatives and governor. If you want a response you must include your snail mail address because that's how they respond. From experience, anyways. Maybe someone else has received a response from the white house.

-- Epona (, September 26, 2000.

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