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PDN mentions a new version of Ilford Delta 400, said to incorporate technology used in Delta 3200. No other info.

-- John Hicks (, September 25, 2000


Verrrrry interesting. I wonder if Ilford will get the the 'new' D- 400's EI up to something that at least gets close to 400! EI:250 is all it will go now.

-- Michael D Fraser (, September 29, 2000.

Ilford's web site has, of course, no information.

Delta 3200 is a blend of three or four emulsions of different speed and contrast characteristics; I suppose that's what they've applied to the new Delta 400.

-- John Hicks (, September 29, 2000.

There was a test on the Delta 400 (as opposed to 400 Delta) in the British Journal of Photography last week. Geoffrey Crawley said that it had more latitude than the old Delta (appeared therefore to be faster. In fact it was very similar to HP5+ in its chracteristics, but with the typical fine grain of the Deltas. He thought that most HP5 users would prefer the new film. If you tried the old Delta and did not get on with it then you might like this. It also pushes like HP5+ and has finer grain. The old 400 Delta did not push very well.

It has two emulsion layers (like Delta 3200)and handles highlights better.

None of this is personal experience, but it certainly looks like an improvement.

-- Robin Smith (, October 03, 2000.

> test on the Delta 400 (as opposed to 400 Delta)

Wow! That sounds interesting.

Was there any mention of spectral sensitivity? The only thing that bothered me about the old 400 Delta was its reduced red sensitivity.

-- John Hicks (, October 03, 2000.


No mention of spectral sensitivity unfortunately.

-- Robin Smith (, October 04, 2000.

Delta 400 with the characteristics of HP-5+ AND with the finer grain of the Delta emulsions! Sounds too good to be true. Delta 100 is an amazing film; blisteringly sharp and nearly grainless. I retested D- 100 a few months ago and found that it now does an honest EI:100 (albeit at 0.09>B+F, close enough!) I never saw anything indicating that it had been improved, but when I measured it a few years ago, it would do only EI:50. I'm looking forward to getting some of the new Delta 400.

-- Michael D Fraser (, October 06, 2000.


As far as I know Delta 100 has not changed to date.

-- Robin Smith (, October 18, 2000.

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