I believe this was "accidentally" deleted

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[chat room talk deleted]

No P, it was not accidentally deleted.


-- P (P@P.P), September 25, 2000


I think,now maybe I'm wrong here,that this was posted just a little while ago all jumbled up and hard to read. I thought that if the sentences were seperated it might make easier to decipher, and it was/is easier to understand now that its formatted..and more interesting to boot..

-- all the more (interested with better sent@nce.structure), September 25, 2000.

Reminds me of the song, "Friend of P", by The Rentals, circa 1995. Made no sense either....

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), September 25, 2000.

Does anyone remember that cool sounding new wave group who was big back in '82 called Planet P?

-- butt nugget (catsbutt@umailme.com), September 25, 2000.

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