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On my birthday last month I got a lot of stuff from Amazon, and each package came with a $10 gift certificate card from However, the policy is that my household can only use one certificate ever, and anyway they expire, I noticed, at the end of September. Since one of the presents was from Kymm (Daniel Pinkwater novels!), I thought I'd give a little back to her forum by posting the secret free stuff URLs here:

(They don't all have the same number of characters, but I triple-checked the cards and these are accurate.) To use one, just paste it into your URL text field and you'll get the discount when you check out. There is no minimum purchase, so you could conceivably spend just over $10 and virtually pay only tax and shipping (that's what I did). If you use one of these, please post here, incl. which URL you took, so that other forumees won't try to use it as well and get some "Thief! Thief!" message when they attempt to log in to the drugstore.

Happy shopping, and buy lots of hair dye.

-- Kim Rollins (, September 25, 2000


Speaking of drugstores...

If I order online from a Canadian drugstore, can they ship me a substance which is controlled in the US, but an over-the-counter medication north of the border, namely that Tylenol with codeine in it? I was in Victoria last year and they let me buy three bottles knowing that I was going to take it back over the border, saying that the policy was that I could purchase as much as one person could reasonably use in a year. Is this a policy of Life Drugstores, or some international agreement?

Was just thinking about this after posting in the pill thread, since codeine supplies are running low in the Rollins household.

-- Kim Rollins (, September 26, 2000.

Wow, thanks Kim! I'm using that one that ends with 123, but I seem to recall with these things in the past that they could actually be used multiple times, so I'd give it a shot, anyone who wants to. And I think that I will use it to get that hair colour that I couldn't find, but that Beth and another Beth told me about. All people named Beth know where to get the good hair colour...

-- Kymm Zuckert (, September 26, 2000.


Unfortunately it is relatively easy to extract the codeine from those mixed codeine pills and use it for recreational purposes! To help reduce the considerable and serious damage that this nefarious practice may inflict upon our great nation, the quantity you may purchase at any one time is limited. Of course you can always buy more at the drugstore down the road...

A word of caution is in order, however. Were I you I would be worried about the possible consequences of some overly-zealous American drug law landing you in boiling hot water should the border people discover your importation. I would highly recommend phoning the border/customs people and enquiring as to their specific policies regarding this drug.

As for mail order: I have no idea. Again, best to phone the proper authorities and find out. Some of the American drug laws are pretty insane.

-- Dave Van (Canadian) (, September 27, 2000.

Hey, codeine-lovers! There's a company in New Zealand that will ship you Panadeine (500 mg paracetemol, 8 mg codeine) via internet mail-order. It arrives at your door in a plain brown envelope.

It is, of course, still illegal to possess controlled drugs in the US if you do not hold a prescription for them. This URL is for information purposes only.

Word to my peeps -- Bill.

-- William Gates (, March 31, 2002.

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