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Ukraine: Generating sets at Rivne nuclear power plant halted Source: BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Political Publication date: 2000-09-25

Text of report by Ukrainian news agency UNIAN

Kiev, 25th September: During the past weekend [23rd-24th September] two generating sets were halted at the Rivne nuclear power plant, UNIAN has learnt at the information centre of the nuclear control department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

On 23rd September, the No 1 generating set was halted for repairs due to a water leak caused by a fault in one of the set's units. No radioactive water leaks from the watertight equipment boxes have been recorded at the reactor. The repairs are scheduled to be completed by 28th September.

On 24th September, due to a failure and overheating of a bearing in the turbine unit, the No 3 generating set at the Rivne nuclear power plant was disconnected from the national power grid. The reactor was stopped shortly after the alarm protection detected a failure in the reactor's cooling control system. The fault was fixed, while the repairs are going to be completed by 26th September.

The two failures did not cause any increase in radiation level at the plant.

Publication date: 2000-09-25 ) 2000, YellowBrix, Inc.

-- Carl Jenkins (, September 25, 2000


Quite a few problems with Russian nuclear
plants. But that was entirely within
expectations of Y2K failures last year.
Remember all the diesel generators we
gave Russia last year for their nuclear
power plants?

-- spider (, September 25, 2000.

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