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Hello! My name is Denise and I am very interested in anyone that would like to discuss Lady Jane Grey and if they have any personal similairites to her. ***Does anyone know if she had red-hair? My family geneology links me to her and there is so many connections with her life and mine.

I am a single 36yo female and I live in Georgia in the US.

Looking forward to hearing from some interested parties.


Denise Hutson (Grey)

-- Densie Hutson (, September 25, 2000


Hi Densie - How interesting. I am writing a faction novel about Lady Jane and, from my vast research can say that her hair was slighty red and her eyes definately brown! Would love to hear of other connections you feel you may have, spiritual or otherwise because there is something going on! Peter of Paignton, Devon. UK. Oct 2. 2000

-- Peter Carroll (, October 03, 2000.

Hello Denise way out there in Georgia> I was surprised at the quick response then realised you are several hours behind GMT. I should very much like to hear of lives happenings with Jane Grey. I am on the last chapter of what has been a very fulfilling yet pulling time. It is almost as if she is out there in the ether pushing me on - urging me to finish writing the book to show the world what really happened. That's how I feel - that most everything has come through - it is not me writing at all, I am simply the computer operator transferring those unspoken messages into print. Until last year I was mainly involved in stories, poetry and articles for magazines - this is my first novel and don't I know it! We live in Paignton, Devon - away from the madding crowd of London where we were both brought up (my wife and I) It is quite oldy worldy here which I like. Quite near Berry Pomeroy Castle which the Seymour's (HenryV111's time) owned. I am from Irish descent on my father's side, his parents came from County Cork - originally O'Carroll. Not too many of us in England. Reference to your names: I know Hereford (Mid England name) - Bowen (Northern England) Flanigan, Irish of course. Hotson is the only one I cannot relate. Tell me about Joan of Arc too Best wishes, Peter Alexander Carroll.

-- Peter Carroll (, October 05, 2000.

Please e-mail me and tell me about Lady Jane Grey. I am writing a historical fiction story and would be totally delighted (my teacher would be too) to here from you! I'm so amazed that you're realted! That is awesome! Thanx so much, Katherine

-- Katherine (, November 04, 2001.


This site is really something. Like most of your writers, the pull to Lady Jane is so wide spread. It is like she is trying to tell all of us something. I, myself, have always been drawn to Astley Castle because of a series of books by Alice Walworth Graham on the Astley family. Lady Jane is a decendent of this family. In 1978, I had to visit the Astley Castle in Nuneaton and found there had been a fire which prevented me from seeing it. I was able to view it from the gate. My friend and I even tried to enter the grounds, but too much fire debrie prevented our entrance. I am now 59 years old and I am still drawn to the Astley Castle and family. There must be a reason for this mass reaction to this history. Good luck with your book. I am most anxious to read your account. You seem to be like all of us on this site, obsessed. Mary

-- mary minkowski (, March 06, 2002.

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