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WASHINGTON (AP) - Worried that a
flood of Y2K cases could
cripple the economy, Congress last
year passed legislation to limit
lawsuits related to the computer
problem and save American
businesses billions of dollars
in legal costs.

Government investigators now report
that companies invoked it in
court just 18 times, which a
congressional critic saw as a "fitting
postscript" to Y2K alarms that
never materialized.

. . .

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., chief
Senate sponsor, argued during
negotiations with the White House
that an avalanche of lawsuits
could have a "crippling effect on
our economy." Some experts
estimated $1 trillion in civil

Tampa Bay Online

There are 96 cases still pending according to the
site provide by Rachel.

-- spider (, September 24, 2000

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