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I have an Angora rabbit with maloclussion. I keep his teeth clipped every week or so, those things get nasty looking very quickly. He's just a pet, I have no intention to breed him. In the past couple of weeks he seems to have gone lame. He always has favored one leg a little but now the poor thing can't get up. He pulls himself around by his front legs. His appetite is still good. Is he in pain, does anyone think? I know I have to put him down, but so far can't do it. He is so sweet and gentle. THere is no way I could afford a vet bill! What to do????

-- Margaret (, September 24, 2000


Put him down as fast and quick as you can,he will not get better..I hate to do it but sometimes its the kindest thing you can do. I have had rabbits break there backs in there cages,they are VERY active at night,running and hiting the sides of the cages..Doris in Idaho

-- Doris Richards (, September 24, 2000.


Rabbits have no way of showing pain (other than their death scream). If he is dragging his back legs, he is probably having problems going to the bathroom also. At the least, there will be a mess there that could get infected. Most times, when you notice a rabbit is sick, it is too late for it to get better. He will only get worse and have no way of telling you.

Where I come from, the Animal Control will put an animal down. Or you could ask the cost from your vet and bring the body home for burial.

Sorry about your bunny.

-- Dee (, September 24, 2000.

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