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Looking to relocate to your great state. And would like to hear a little more about life there and and the parts of the state. And not just what the adds have to say about the high dollar places for tourists. The farm was lost in a divorce and the new grub stake is about ready. And the search is on. Any replys will be helpfull thank you. Anthony & Judith DiDonato

-- anthony j. didonato (, September 23, 2000


Contact Fred(formerly of AK) over on the Backwoods Home Magazine forum

-- charles (, September 24, 2000.

I lived in Delta Junction, Alaska for 12 years. I moved to the Lower 48 last fall. I will try to help you in any way I can. I have lots of friends and family still in Alaska.

You can email me directly if you like.

-- Tammy (, September 24, 2000.

Anthony: What part of our state are you interested in as we have several major regions. We live in the Interior and love Alaska. Please give me more specifics. We once lived in another state and longed to come here. You may email us directly. There's so much to share that we don't want to overwhelm you with too much gooooooood info!!!! Life here is like living on another planet and we wouldn't have missed any day of the l2 years we have lived here.

-- Norma Lucas (, September 24, 2000.


I too live in the Interior, 50 miles from Norma, actually! Hello, neighbor! I agree, this is another planet compared to some of the things that go on down there. I shake my head in disbelief (and relief) when I read some of your stories.

There are different climates and populations around the state. It's colder, drier, (except this summer) and less populated where I live. More like a 'real' state down toward Anchorage. Everything else in between somewhere!

Feel free to e-mail privately for more info. Good Luck. Jill

-- Jill Schreiber (, September 25, 2000.

Hello~ We are in Alaska too! We *LOVE* it here and I immediately felt it was *home*. My dh grew up in Fairbanks but we live in the Mat-Su Valley.We are about 50 miles NE of Anchorage. We live a little out but I am so saddened by the way that Alaska (this area anyways) is beginning to look like Anytown, USA. You may email us directly too, and we will try to answer any questions.Blessings on your move.

-- Tammy S.(AK) (, September 26, 2000.

Hi to Judith and Anthony from the Matanuska Valley, Alaska. We live in the farming area 50 miles out of Anchorage where huge vegetable farms supply our local stores with produce as well as hay and barley farms producing animal feed. We have one of the 1934, that is old for here, barns and houses originally built for the Colonists. That is a group of people who came here in 34 with help from several agencies in getting started producing milk, farm produce etc. The farms had many acres to start with but a lot of them, ours included, have been sold off and cut down to moderate sizes, our is 10 acres with a creek thru the lower pasture. We have horses, donkeys, pigs, cows, chickens, geese, rabbits, etc. and a lot of that list goes in the freezer each fall as water and feed is hard/expensive to go thru the winter with. I would be glad to answer questions of any kind for you, if I don't know the answer there are agencies close by that would. Just E-Mail me directly if you feel I could be of help. We love this country and want to encourage country Folks to settle here. Ravens Roost Farm Maureen

-- Maureen Stevenson (, September 29, 2000.

Another hello from the Mat-Su valley, we are in a itty-bitty (1.02 acres) homestead about a 2 hours (summertime) drive north of Anchorage. Im my opinion this is the best place to be in the world, bar none. Being in the military I've tromped all over the planet and this place is the best. I like the Anchorage area because once you are out of the city you are in forest so it still feels isolated but you still have access to needed retail outlets (Eagle Hardware and Fred Meyers).

Feel free to email me and I'll regale you with our adventures in building a homestead from scratch.

Hope to see you here


-- Dave (AK) (, September 30, 2000.

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