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-- Rachel Gibson (, September 23, 2000


Wow, Rachel, that's a great link. This is
a Y2K issue all by itself!

-- spider (, September 23, 2000.

Like this one.

The first class action lawsuit against
a government entity was filed by
plaintiffs Bertha Miller and Evelyn
Jackson against the state of Alabama
seeking declaratory judgment and
preliminary and permanent injunctive
relief. Also named as defendants were
several government employees in their
official capacity. The lawsuit was
filed on behalf of all persons of the
state of Alabama who allegedly have
been or will be affected by the
defendants' delegation of spending
authority to state agencies and by
their failure to take corrective
measures concerning the Year 2000
computer problem. Plaintiffs allege
that the state of Alabama and several
of its administrative agencies have
failed to deliver essential services -
such as, child support payments receipt
of benefits, due to the Year 2000 problem
and other problems with their computers
which cause the computers to frequently
crash. The complaint also alleges that
persons in the computer industry and
state government have known since the
1980s that the Year 2000 problem could
have widespread effects on government
and its operations if not properly
addressed. Despite this knowledge,
the Alabama legislature has purportedly
refused on several occasions to enact
legislation or appropriate funds to
address the Year 2000 problem to
assure essential services and programs
are not adversely affected. Plaintiffs
demand a preliminary and permanent
injunction requiring defendants to
appropriate $175,000,000.00 in funds to
correct the Year 2000 problem.

-- spider (, September 23, 2000.

Spider, I'm at the IEE (British) site looking for updates in year 2000; no luck so far, but the site is huge. Went through their links page first, and now I'm in the casebook. Amazing. Theirs was one of the first sites I found early in 1998, and theirs had the best description of embedded systems I've seen to this day. I've posted the link to my search page on today's long thread. Check it out.

(PS Am taping the Games--can't miss what our boys are doing in beach volleyball!:)

-- Rachel Gibson (, September 23, 2000.

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