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Autumn has crept into our lives this morning. Hail and welcome fair Autumn! May your winds blow good fortune into our sails.

A check of the calendar reveals we have but three weeks until the First Annual TB2000/Uncensored/Spinoff/Biffy/Debunky gathering of like- and unlike-minded humans (and genuine imitations) in the Disney World of the American Southwest - Las Vegas, Nevada.

A lunch meeting for Friday, October 13th is being arranged. Consensus of current participants is an Indian restaurant, located just off The Strip, which offers all you care to eat buffet, $7.45 per person.

Patricia is working on arranging supper for Saturday, October 14th at an Italian eatery. Chianti, garlic bread, fine conversation, antipasto, lasagna, Oh My Papa, eggplant parmagiana, etc.  all will be available in abundance (remember, we promise quantity, not quality nor value for the buck). ;0)

Please let us know if you have made arrangements to participate in the weekend festivities, or are considering doing so. Post your intentions on this thread, head over to Docs Place and post a note there (registration required), or drop an e-mail to me at the address listed below.

I look forward to seeing each of you in the desert next month.


-- Bingo1 (, September 22, 2000


Rumor has it both major party presidential candidates will be in attendence at some point during the weekend.

-- Bingo1 (, September 22, 2000.

A full moon in the desert in early fall- how could anyone resist? Count me in friend! It is certain to be interesting time... Any other takers???

-- Aunt Bee (, September 22, 2000.

Hi Rich. I won't be able to make the Friday lunch; my flight doesn't get in until 8pm. I will be there for Saturday.

-- Dan the Power Man (, September 22, 2000.

I have to work Friday, so I won't be able to make lunch either. But I'm still working on a restaurant for Saturday night.

Heh, I have three weeks left :-)

-- Patricia (, September 22, 2000.

Public Nag Alert: Warning - Danger - Proceed at your own risk:

But I'm still working on a restaurant for Saturday night.

I found a highly-recommended Indian restaurant with a reasonably- priced buffet close to The Strip in a matter of an hour, surfing from home...

Will public humiliation be the primary motivating factor in our having a suitable restaurant picked out for Saturday supper? Or must I threaten you, Patricia, with a 45 minute ad libbed speech prior to the event? An oral history of the Philadelphia Flyers, perhaps?

Actually, there's no rush, Patricia. We don't have anything close to an accurate head count. Do send me the names once you've whittled the choices down to the top two or three. Many thanks for taking on this chore on behalf of the group.


-- Bingo1 (, September 22, 2000.


Will you be available on Saturday and/or Sunday for any other activities? We are hoping to take a day trip to a local canyon for a picnic lunch and perhaps short hike for those interested. There's also the fact that I must have a roller coaster fix while out there. Buffalo Bill's, located just south of Las Vegas, has a world-class coaster. Interested?

Please send me an e-mail if you don't mind.

-- Bingo1 (, September 22, 2000.

Is somebody renting a car for this day-trip? [feeling a little insecure about riding in Patricia's truck right now.]

-- Anita (, September 22, 2000.

I won't be there, dang it, but I am looking forward to pics.

-- Lars (, September 22, 2000.

Anita, I am renting a sub-compact car. The rental company is virtually giving it away at $17/day unlimited mileage.

You realize the day trip will entail mostly highway driving, so it should be relatively safe for you to drive with you know who. A one- day, one million dollar umbrella policy should be relatively inexpensive for your SO to obtain prior to the trip. It's the least you can do.

Lars, I'm quite sure there will be a photographer in our midst. Gatherings such as this one are perfect for blackmail schemes.


-- Bingo1 (, September 22, 2000.

OK I've registered at Doc's site. Even posted a pic, this one fully clothed LOL. But I may get the jitters and delete it so hurry LOL The trip is still in the air for me, but I am keeping my fingers crossed though.

-- cin (cin@=0.)), September 22, 2000.

I have the perfect solution. I'll drive the truck to the highway and then Patricia can do the highway driving. We can even switch seats while driving [I've ALWAYS wanted to try that trick.] Who do ya wanta be, Patricia? Thelma or Louise?

-- Anita (, September 22, 2000.

The world-class roller coaster:

Desperado Roller Coaster at Buffalo Bills

The location under consideration for a day trip picnic/nature walk:

Red Rock Canyon

Take a look and let us know whatcha think. There are other coasters and day trip possibilities. I'd like for this thread to be used as a Suggestion Box for ideas on possible group activities.


-- Bingo1 (, September 22, 2000.

What do India type Indians eat?

-- Carlos (, September 22, 2000.


Go ahead, have a few laughs. I don't mind. Hell, I have a terrific sense of humor.

Oh, I hope you like dogs, Anita ;-) We got three of 'em: small, medium and large. You sure a million is gonna be enough? Better make it for the entire weekend (wink, wink).

And Rich, there certainly WILL be a photographer in your midst and that would be **ME**. Armed with a kick-ass digital camera.

Oh and remember, I get to go home each night you guys are here. And I have a DSL connection.

I'm not above a little blackmail now and again ;-)

Nyahh. snicker.

Anita: Can I be Louise?

cin, the picture is beautiful!!

-- Patricia (, September 22, 2000.


Gandhi Indian Cuisine Review

From the above linked site:

The Scene

"Ghandi is a jewel in the otherwise tawdry crown that is the buffet scene in Las Vegas. For $7.45, Monday through Friday, 15 (more or less) exotic dishes of the sub-continent are placed before you. The finely woven, spicy tapestry of Indian food is explored here with more variety and authenticity than its competitors."

The Food

"While the mix may vary, an assortment of nan (flat white bread cooked in tandoor oven), pakora (deep-fried vegetable fritters), tandoori dishes, and vegetarian delights like Matter Paneer (peas with homemade cottage cheese and spices), mixed vegetable curries, and biriyni's (basmati rice served with vegetables, chicken or shrimp) are always offered. This large, friendly place takes the trouble to describe each buffet item on a placard in front of each tray, making your Indian education easy, and leaving you wondering why this tasty, intriguing food is not more widely appreciated. John Curtas"

Hope that helps. The use of a variety of spices (whole and ground) makes for a wonderful taste experience. Dishes are not necessarily hot and spicy. A wide range of spices are used in Indian cooking.

Basmati rice is an aged polished rice. Very fragrant and delicious. Biriyanis are usually mildly spiced rice dishes. Good choices for those unfamiliar with the cuisine.

Daals are bean porridges, usually made with mung beans or lentils and clarified butter. I eat mine over basmati or use naan to dip and scoop the daal.

Indian food is best experienced via buffet. This way you can try small samplings of a variety of items. I do believe you'll come away satiated and impressed.

-- Bingo1 (, September 22, 2000.

Dearest Patricia,

My you look ravishingly beautiful tonight. Never have you appeared more radiant. Have I mentioned how impressed I am with your recent posts? (Is this laying it on too thick?)

I don't know what came over me, Patricia. Actually, I do. Anita made me do it. (Yeah, that's it). She forced me to rag on you. She said I would be deleted on sight from her new forum if I did not cooperate with her devious master plan (the goal of which I know not). Power has corrupted her. I was but a pawn in the hands of a tyrant. Please forgive me.

P.S. If you would like me to act as your accomplice, you know, set people up in compromising situations so you can snap pics, please know I am at your service.

Humbly - Rich

-- Bingo1 (, September 22, 2000.


No offense. You know I REALLY like you, but I spent two years living across the hall from a family from India and I think I could have thrown a chicken in the hall and it would be "curried" chicken by morning. That stuff is ODOROUS and I have an advanced olfactory system [meaning any odor I LIKE is blocked out, but any other is extremely offensive.]

For me, however, the question is moot. *IF* I can make it [and you know that depends on my NOT getting the part-time job in addition to school], I still can't leave until after my morning class on Friday morning. SO still insists that I'm going. He'll arrange for a charter flight, but they only leave once/day, and if that once is before my Botany Class ends and I can run to the airport, I'll have to wait until Saturday morning to embark.

-- Anita (, September 22, 2000.

Oh, I know what her "master plan" is, Rich. You see, I'm beginning to give her a run for the title of Queen of the Non- Productive.

She doesn't realize it, but by going to school and actually *doing* something with her life, as opposed to me in a worthless job, posting to various Internet fora, trying to learn to drive a stupid pick-up truck, she's making it quite easy for me to snatch the throne in a not-so-secret coup.


-- Patricia (, September 22, 2000.


I'll be glad to be the "fall-guy" for the most embarrassing shots of LV. It comes naturally, and I'm NOT running for office.

-- Anita (, September 22, 2000.

Think I'll bring some Premarin. Looks like we'll need it.

-- Carlos (, September 22, 2000.


I offer you the throne, but you must persevere. It's not easy for normally productive people to become non-productive, while it's very easy for non-productive people to engage in non-productive activities when they have productive activities that would serve them better.

[Help in the endeavor is only an E-mail away.]

-- Anita (, September 22, 2000.

You people are just TOO funny! I have the feeling if I show up on Friday, my sides will be hurting so badly come Monday, I will need a straight jacket just for the plane ride home! Tell me me, someone, is this an "enter at your own risk" proposition? And, BTW, is there insanity insurance available in addition to the million for being a Bingo passenger?? 'Sumer you would know the answer to this...jump right in there girl... I'm listening.

-- Aunt Bee (, September 23, 2000.

Um, actually, Aunt Bee, that million is for being a passenger with *me* :-)

But not to worry, my truck only has two seats, so perhaps we can obtain insurance that has "variable insurees".

As to "insanity insurance", I'm afraid that part is At Your Own Risk.

-- Patricia (, September 23, 2000.

Well Charlie, I had to do research on the Premarin remark. I had no clue as to its usage. Interesting the ladies gave you a get out of jail free card to use on that crack.

Time to start sucking up to them Charlie. Patricia has a digital camera and WILL use it! This is major sucking up leverage, IMO. The fact that she is choosing the restaurant for Saturday's supper should add to your paying homage to her. Or you can take your chances.

Aunt Bee, all are safe when I am behind the wheel. I was raised in Jersey traffic, I've driven in NYC many times. And I'm not learning how to drive the vehicle in question, as are some people we know.

Damn, there go a few brownie points flush down the terlit.

-- Bingo1 (, September 23, 2000.


I didn't have time to do research on premarin. [I'm TRYING to be productive.] Please tell me that isn't the stuff created from pregnant horse urine. What's it for?


Dogs are no problem. I once had three myself. You can be Louise. [thinking that means *I* get the toss in the hay with Brad Pitt, not to mention drinking Wild Turkey or something like that.]

-- Anita (, September 23, 2000.

The following is from the site

"PREMARIN stands for Pregnant Mare's Urine; PMU for short. PREMARIN is a drug put out in many forms ( pills, creams, injections, patches ) and is used to reduce the symptoms of menopause in women or women who have a had a hysterectomy. It is also prescribed to nearly eliminate the risk of osteoporosis (the brittling of bones) and reduce the chance of heart disease in women over 50."

I don't advise the squeamish visit the above site. Nasty stuff, that.

-- Bingo1 (, September 23, 2000.

Damn, this just isn't my week. I don't make the Forbes 400, I don't get the roll-in-the-hay-with-Brad Pitt.......

Well, there's always next week. Oh, wait a brother's wedding; ugly red bridesmaid's dress, shoes to match; big red blob walking down the aisle.........

Ah, hell. The week after that youse guys will be here!! (Yes, kiddies, just two weeks from now......)

-- Patricia (, September 23, 2000.

And that is why I don't teach math.....

THREE weeks from now.


-- Patricia (, September 23, 2000.

Ok, fellow travellers, I have a proposition, if you will indulge me. For those of us travelling to LV, we should all be there by Sat night, for the italian dinner. Now, maybe this is hokey, and ya all gotta remember, I am but a small town girl, I do think a yankee swap would be in order, just for a hoot and a remembrance. Do you guys know what this is? It is just TOO, TOO funny and a wonderful remembrance of a time enjoyed by all. The idea is continued by the love and caring

-- Aunt Bee (, September 24, 2000.

Aunt Bee:

You're starting to scare me. SWAP? YANKEE SWAP? I was a yankee all my life [until moving to Tejas], and if you think I'm going to swap OUT Brad Pitt for someone else, you're dreamin', sister.

-- Anita (, September 24, 2000.


No000 slow down girl. A yankee swap is like, well let me see....

Decide on a price range ($5 or so) for non gender-specific gifts. Bring wrapped gifts to the party and place in central location. It's best if people don't know who brought specific gifts.

Give each guest a number. The numbers should not be in any order, because the higher numbers are better in this activity.

Numbers are called in order. Number 1 goes the pile, selects any gift and opens it up.

Number 2 gets a choice. They can take #1's opened gift or select a gift from the pile. If they take #1's gift, #1 goes to the pile, selects a gift and opens it. The round is over. If #2 chooses a gift from the pile, they open it and the round is over.

Number 3 can take #1's gift, #2's gift, or a new one. This is where it gets a little complicated and where the fun starts. If they take #1's gift, #1 can take #2's gift or get a new one. If they take #2's gift, #2 can take #1's gift or get a new one. If #3 doesn't want either of the opened gifts, they take a new gift an open it. Whoever takes the new gift, opens it and the round is over.

Continue to call the numbers in order. The rounds will take longer as the numbers get higher.

The general rules are: Each gift can only change hands once in each round. When your gift is "stolen", you can take someone else's opened gift that has not yet been taken in this round or take a new present and open it. When a present is opened, the round is over. Every time a new number is called, all gifts become fair game again.

It really is a hoot, and I thought it might be a scream for each of us to bring something from our homestate so that the recipient would remember the other's perspective a little more clearly. Heck, folks who couldn't come could even send in their item if they wanted to participate long distance, if they were so inclined!! What say folks?? Sound like a plan? Mr Moderator, what say you? A Monty- Python like series of screams is sure to be in the offing if I know these folks......

-- Aunt Bee (, September 24, 2000. exchanges. THAT sounds like fun. [Don't count on ME to keep track of the rules of trade, however, since I'm going to be on vacation, and I don't want to THINK on vacation.] Let me know if this is included. I can afford a $5.00 gift from Texas.

[thinking I can ALSO afford a $6.00 roller-coaster ride versus perhaps a $100.00 bungi-jump.] If you're gonna go for that one in the morning, Bingo, can I ride along with you? [By afternoon I might have had a beer or two, and wouldn't want to take a chance on mixing beer and roller-coaster rides.]

-- Anita (, September 24, 2000.

Just want to add this re gifts.

Dan the Power Man is bringing a bunch of Y2K-related "goodies" (clocks, hats, etc.) as well. He had mentioned something about Y2K trivia contests at dinner or something like that. (Yes, Rich, I understand you're sick of all of this; but come on -- it'll be a hoot!!)

Either way, it should be a blast.

-- Patricia (, September 24, 2000.

Your idea of a Yankee Swap is a good one, Aunt Bee. Let's add it to the agenda for Saturday evening. It's all yours to oversee, BTW. Set the ground rules, inform the participants - you know the drill. Okey-dokey?

One precautionary statement regarding the Yankee Swap: no controlled substances please, even if they are inexpensively produced in your home state. Sheeple's homemade wine is an exception. Even if you do not attend, Sheeple, please send several bottles along via UPS. I'll e-mail you my hotel's name and address. (You think I'm kidding?)

Anita, I have two seats in a cramped subcompact with nobody's name on them at the present time. You are welcome to claim one of them. BTW, you've pledged $11 towards fun and frivolity on this here thread. You get yourself a paper route or something? [Grin]


-- Bingo1 (, September 24, 2000.

Since I have no firm idea of your sincerity, and since I have never Been to Spain, and since I kinda view those posts upon my head as a kind of "Gaggle, love to hear themselves talk, 30 something less. I am older, had a person only 10 years less, address me as Ms., Respect comes with age, and those who acknowledge. I was willing to meet you folks, but not while you fling your blond hair, and keep saying "Oh Wow'. You have to have substance. Never mind your PHD., or Masters Vice. Papa was a Rolling Stone, Blast away.

-- Never Mind (, September 24, 2000.


-- cin (cin@=0.)), September 25, 2000.

Never Mind,

Mick Jagger is your dad?

-- (Papa was@Rolling.Stone), September 25, 2000.

LOL Nevermind-

We'll miss ya! Too bad we'll never know who you really are!! But then neither will anyone else! And you're going to miss all the fun... not to mention the good food, funny presents, and kinship. So sorry you won't be able to make it.

-- Aunt Bee (, September 25, 2000.


At the same time that I asked my broker [the guy that handles my IRA] to provide me the funds needed to attend school [now available without penalty], I asked if I could have a monthly living allowance during this period. He checked with an accountant and I could withdraw a certain amount each month, but I must continue to withdraw that amount until I'm 59.5 years old. [again, without penalty.] We looked at my monthly "growth", and I settled on $600.00/month. We also decided to modify some options on my account so that I wouldn't be borrowing from Paul to pay Peter [future-wise.] Is that reversed? Did the saying say borrowing from Peter to pay Paul? [memory loss is devastating.]

I withdrew $200.00 on Friday before I went to see Lucky. I spent $31.50 on supplies for her, gave her $25.00 [most of which she'll simply gamble away], and paid $4.00 to stay for lunch with her. $60.00 spent in an hour! Um...THAT's my paper route.

-- Anita (, September 25, 2000.

If I had any blonde hair to fling I most certainly would do so. I cut it all last night in a fit of clarity. You can call me Fuzzy. On second thought...

Anita, I hope when I get to be your age, IF I get to be your age, my financial situation will allow me to return to school. Of course, that day is a long way off yet.

-- Bingo1 (, September 25, 2000.

What cin said :-)

Anita, re "thinking on vacation": When a friend and I used to go to Mexico for a two-plus week jaunt every February, we realized we kind of "shared a brain" (and not even a whole one most times). Anyway, one year she brought her SO, and her sister came along as well.....we were down to 25% brain capacity. We had a blast.

It started on the flights down there .. we flew out of Houston and you have to fill out these tourist cards. Well, you have to indicate your "marital status" on the card and they list the choices in several languages, French being one of them. Apparently, the French word for "single" is "celibataire" (sp?). I should mention that I had been relationship-less (and celibate) for awhile prior to this trip. So when I saw that, I said to my friend, "Jeez, how did they know?" (as a joke). Well, she shot back with, "You don't have to tell them, you know."

I almost fell on the floor. The trip (lack of brain-usage-wise) just got worse from there. I hadn't laughed that much in so long...

-- Patricia (, September 25, 2000.


Dang, do you still have the address of the indian family who lived across the hall for two years? The one who you could throw a chicken out there and it would be curried? I'd be knocking on their door so fast, asking to watch, it wouldn't be funny!! Those are cooks you want to cultivate and learn from. Anita, did they share any recipes with YOU? If so, would you care to share? If not, got a forwarding address? Sounds like somebody I would want to get to know...

-- Aunt Bee (, September 26, 2000.

Aunt bee: sorry it took so long to respond re:insanity insurance.

Fresh out, sold the last policy to OTFR for her dealings w/AR & Cpr...LOL.

It "does" appear you will each have a great time. I'll be thinking of yas while sailing thru the bahama's. :-)

-- consumer (, September 26, 2000.

Oh, sure you will, 'sumer. Uh huh. You'll be sailing through tropical waters, with tropical breezes blowing through your hair, your honey by your side (or wherever ;-)), tropical drink with umbrella sticking out of it in your hand, your every whim being attended to by underage cuties.....

And we're supposed to believe you'll be thinking of US?

We will miss ya, girl. You'll have a great time!!

-- Patricia (, September 26, 2000.

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