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Hi. I have a question on operating a No. 2 Autographic Folding Brownie. I picked it up at antique sale and loaded it with 120 film. It stilll has the shutter release cord on it and everything. What I'm wondering about first of all: How clear is the viewfinder supposed to be? It seems really dusty, even though I've cleaned it and I'm not sure how to focus it.


What do the following symbols mean on the top: 25, B (which I think is bulb), T, and 50. Is this the shutter speed? And if so, when I depress the shutter release, do I release it only once for bulb?

Lastly: How do I know what to set my f-stop at when I'm taking bulb pictures? I know that the larger the f-stop number, the smaller amount of light that enters the lens and I also think that means that everthing will be in focus versus the small f-stop number which lets in more light so that the foreground of the picture is in focus and the background becomes blurred. Is that correct.

Thank you for your help.

Tamara (

-- Tamara Weets (, September 21, 2000

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