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To cut a long story short. 1)Repossessed in 1991 2)Shortfall demand in 1997 for #20000+ 3)Wrong advise from National Debtline who told me to return expenditure forms and keep on the good side of the lender,because the law was on their side!( if only I had seen this site) 4)Agreed a monthly repayment which has increased twice since 1997 5)October last year they said they would accept lump sum of just over #4000 6)Did not have the money so continued to pay monthly instalment. 7)Just received a request from them to fill in another expenditure form with a view to increasing it,also an offer for a lump sum settlement (no figures quoted) 8)I wrote back asking for the exact figure they would accept and the reply was twice the amount they said they would have accepted last year. 9) Ihave now repaid more than #4000 and I am really getting stressed out because it is obvious that the more I play along with them , the more they want. 10)I really feel like telling them to shove their expenditure form, cancelling the monthly payment to them and telling them to do whatever they want to. CAN ANYONE PLEASE ADVISE ME WHAT DO.

-- Stephen Paul Mason (, September 21, 2000


Please go to to see the article from todays Mail on Sunday and join the mortgage victims campaign. I personally have stopped making my agreed monthly payments to the collection agency after reading articles from the home repo page. They have started writing to us but I am just ignoring them. I have also written to my MP who has passed my letter to the Lord Chancellors Dept. DO NOT fill in any expenditure forms - you do NOT have to do this whatever they tell you. They are putting this kind of pressure on you because they know you have given in to their demands before so they think you can be easily railroaded by them. They play on our fear and part of their ploy is to frighten us into paying rather than face the alternative .....which is what? What can they really do at the end of the day. Like a lot of other people you wish you had known about this site sooner as you would have done things a lot differently. Lee has built up an excellent site and the publicity that some of us are getting is also directing a lot of other people here who hadn't known about it previously. You are not alone .... there are alot of us out there. By joining forces we can hopefully make things change.

All the best Sue Gates

-- sue gates (, September 24, 2000.

never agree to monthly repayments they'll always puch for more !!!!. do not pay any more and serve them with DPA subject access rights. See if you can use this info against them

-- steve MACE (steve@samace.screaming .net), September 25, 2000.

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