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hi there,

the people's project is a new organisation in germany, dealing with all sorts of art in the public.

our aim is to mediate between architects, artists and the public whenever art, design and architecture are planned for a wider public or a public space. our area of activity reaches from artistic interventions in urban environments to collaborations between and artists and architects, and even to city planning.

in all stages of the planning process we want to unite people in discussion: architects, artists and scientists will get together with those at which a project is aimed - in a company the enployees and in an urban square the people who pass by and live there. in the peoples project kitchen, our workshop on the internet, they can meet, like in a kitchen around a large table, and discuss, exchange and create new ideas, and then sketch them down. This kitchen is a platform for discussion, which will also reach out in the real world.

apart from our own projects, we are also discussing other designs, providing a platform where a discussion can happen, before something gets commissioned or even built. And for this we are happy to take on suggestions for this.

Our next project will be a campagne against racist violence, as we feel the need to do something about what is happening at the moment in germany. even in this field art is able to achieve something; an art that is cosmopolitain, tolerant and propagating a cultural pluralism. for this project a group of artists will be combined with scientists, people from advertising and journalists to at first create the content for this campaign, and then its artistic design. information about the campaign will soon be published on our web-site.

have a look at our web-site , and join the discussion, or tell us what you think.

best wishes,


-- axel lapp (, September 21, 2000

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