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(Ignore this if you have participated on my other thread - future homesteader!). I am in the process of deciding the place of my future homestead - must get out of Florida - too many regulations, not to mention hurricanes! I 'm looking into Southern Virginia, basically based on how beautiful it is there. If any one has an info. that could be helpful, let me know. My goal is to find about 15 - 30 acres, and live as naturally as possible, including hopefully a strawbale house. My main concern is that I want to move someplace that is open to the more homesteading type of attitide, and a place that doesn't go overboard on permits, regulations, etc.I would actually also be open to suggestions on other states, areas, as long as it doesn't get too cold there!

-- Julia Teneralli (, September 20, 2000



I live in south central VA., in the boonies. I have lived here for 5 yrs and LOVE IT! Its so nice and we have some very nice neighbors. All homesteaders themselves... but they are not close.. about a mile away. No overboard on permits here, heck, folks live in houses without running water and septics in some spots. If you are interested let me know and I can send you names and ph numbers of folks with property for sale.

-- Bernice (, September 20, 2000.

Hi Julia, We live in central Virginia, Amelia County, have been in Virginia for almost 14 years after living on the Gulf coast of southern Mississippi for 10 years, originaly a Connecticut Yankee. Virginia is great, prices of land are not out of sight, taxes low, lots of jobs, not over burden with permits. We have 9 acres and had our house built by a local contractor very reasonable. Bruce

-- Bruce Burdge (, September 22, 2000.

We live in beautiful Rappahannock County in Northern Virginia near the Shenandoahs. We have lived here since March, 1999, and love it. There are lots of reasonably-priced properties close to the Shenandoah National Forest. Wherever you go in Virginia, however, you will be impressed with what a beautiful state it is...

-- Liz Rhein (, September 25, 2000.

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