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In watching myself on film, I am surprised at how I look when I am talking, I had no idea that I made faces like a freak all of the time. Let alone the fact that I have such bulging pop-eyes that I look like a Boston bull terrier.

When were you last surprised about something about yourself?

-- Kymm (, September 20, 2000


I continue to be surprised that I appear more abrasive to people than I think I am. In other words, I think I'm having a calm cool conversation and I get feedback that I'm snappish or hostile. It's quite scary, actually; I don't -want- to be snappish or hostile, and I especially don't want to -appear- that way. Being misunderstood is my greatest fear.


-- Robert (, September 20, 2000.

I think that everyone should get the opportunity to see themselves on video. I wish I could have that. I get freaked out enough about my body language and posture and body position in still photographs - I can't even imagine how weird I would look to myself in a video.

I have discovered that I hold my head weird, from seeing pictures. Unless I just hold my head weird when someone is pointing a camera at me.

And that's what I hate most about taking pictures at a party or something (like Journalcon) - you get all these great pictures of everyone else, but none of yourself. we should all swap pictures after. (and I'll give you some of mine, Kymm, since you can't *sob* come)

-- Emily (, September 20, 2000.

Emily, I've been known to pick up my host's camera at parties and snap pictures for them, including pictures of them, just so that they'd have surprise pictures whenever they developed their film.

I won't be at JournalCon, but maybe you could suggest swapping cameras for half an hour at a time, or whatever, with whomever you're hanging out with?

-- Michael (, September 20, 2000.

I was also surprised by how manic I look on film.

And what a baby voice I have. I can't believe anybody ever takes me seriously.

-- Catherine (, September 21, 2000.

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