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Does anyone know if the Wilmington Railroad Museum has a gift shop? I noticed they don't even have an email address. I wanted to find out(since Wilmington was headquarters for the ACL for 100 years)if they sold ACL items. I have there phone number,but I thought if anyone knows or has been there,they could tell me! Thanks much ACL FOREVER

-- David M. Kennerly (epirep@aol.com), September 19, 2000


The museum in the Hamlet passenger station had a gift shop we a group of us visited there in the spring. They had a lot of ACL stuff, such as books, T-shirts, etc. I don't know the status of things at Hamlet since the plans for moving the station across the tracks.

-- Sandy Bridges (smb@bridgeslaw.com), September 20, 2000.

They have a gift shop, but it is small and not well stocked with ACL items. A couple of books and a few postcards. Most of the stuff is generic train stuff like coffee mugs, pins, magnets, Thomas the Tank, etc. The society store is better stocked. Also any large hobby shop is going to have more ACL than the museum gift shop. OTOH, the museum is nice a worth the visit if you are in town.

-- Craig Strickland (cstrick@coastalnet.com), September 19, 2000.

Don't forget,we sell items,also.What are you looking for?

-- J.Oates (jlosal@ mindspring.com), September 19, 2000.

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