Japan: 737 Turns Back With Engine Problem

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Japanese 737 Turns Back After Engine Fault

Sep 19, 2000

A Boeing 737 passenger flight operated by the Japanese airline JAL Express returned to Osaka airport in western Japan yesterday after emission gas temperatures in one of the engines rose to an unusually high level.

The pilot of flight 811, en route to Sendai in northeastern Japan noticed a signal showing a high temperature in the aircraft's no. 2 engine about 15 minutes after taking off from Osaka.

The aircraft carrying 132 people landed safely back at Osaka according to Kiyoshi Nagotani, an airline spokesman.

JAL Express cancelled the flight after the incident and most of the 127 passengers were diverted to bullet trains or flights with other airlines, said Nagotani. Officials were investigating the cause of the high temperature according to Dow Jones News.

Source: Air Wise

-- Rachel Gibson (rgibson@hotmail.com), September 19, 2000

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