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I have read recent postings made by various people on the subject of XTOL dilution I was wandering the time and the amount of dilution may change depending on what kind of tank each individual use. Is there any suggestion for best dilution ratio using 850ml MASKO color tank? It seems MASKO has special feature. Itfs manufactures claim is that it is much more efficient than other tanks. I usually develop two 35mm 36 exposure in this tank using 1:3 dilution of XTOL. In addition, I use condenser enlarger (old Leica Focomat IC) I have just started developing film using XTOL , and I really appreciate if any one can give me any suggestion on this.

-- Hirohiko Inatome (, September 19, 2000


According to Kodak:

"You can dilute KODAK XTOL Developer 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3 with water (developer:water) for one-shot (single-use) processing. Dilution at 1:1 will provide slightly greater film speed, enhanced sharpness and shadow detail, and slightly more grain. Dilution at 1:3 will generally provide less film speed and shadow detail, with enhanced sharpness and slightly more grain."

Also, Kodak suggests a minimum of 100ml stock XTOL per 36 exposure roll. Since your tank requires 850ml, you will meet that requirement at dilutions of all dilutions above, including 1:3.

I suggest you try 1:1 and compare to your results at 1:3.

-- Chris Ellinger (, September 19, 2000.

What I know to be right and true is generally the same as Chris except for the effects of dilution. My experience is that the more you dilute XTOL, the grainer it gets, the sharper it gets, and the lower the contrast gets (with better shadow detail).

I don't know about MASKO tanks. Using the Kodak minimums, you could develop two 36 exposure rolls in 800ml at 1:3 in a stainless steel tank. Most people would probably recommend you use 250ml of developer and fill that one liter tank with solution to make sure of consistent developer activity.

-- Brian Hinther (, September 22, 2000.

I just finished printing some Delta 400 (35mm) negs developed in Xtol with no dilution,I usually dilute 1:1. I can affirm the previous posts re contrast, grain and shadow detail. All the negs developed at 1:1 usually require a 2 1/2 or 3 polymax filter (papers are polymax rc & fine art developed in Dektol 1:2). This batch of negs were printed through 1 1/2 & 2 filters (same papers), in addition the prints required more dodging and burning than usual (I could not visually see any difference in grain).My conclusion is, I prefer XTOL at the 1:1 dilution.

-- Robert Orofino (, September 24, 2000.

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