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I have just obtained a Bachmann Spectrum unlettered 2-8-0 and have gone over some questions and answers on this list. After looking at those and on the internet I still would like to find out which units were Ks-1 consolidations? What were the numbers on these? Also what is the best set of decals for these locomotives? I have a Champion decal set for freight steam locos if this is correct. Thanks.

Jeremy Helms

-- Jeremy Helms (, September 19, 2000


The Southern had 414 K type locomotives built from 1903-1912. They were #ed from 566 to 883, but there was never an 821 for some unknown reason. They had cylinders of 22"x30",and a boiler psi. of 200. Then Southern modified many around 1910's. They received superheaters, the boiler pressure was changed to 215psi. The cylinders bored to 22 1/2", and they received ether Universal Valves or Economy Steam Chests. These locos where renamed Ks. 17 more had the valves and pistons replaced with ones much like your Bachmann Consolidation, 24"x30". Boiler psi. was lowered to 190, in hopes of less maintenance. Here are the #'s of 6 Ks-1's, 630, 722, 719, 712, 848, and 685. The Ks-2's had 25"x30" and a boiler psi. of 175. There where 12 Ks-2's; 4 of which where #ed, 573, 735, 695, 711. The Ks-1's and Ks-2's where assigned to the Murphy Branch. I gained this information from a book,"Southern Railway's Murphy Branch" by Michael George, The College Press. I picked it up in the Great Smoky Mountain Railways gift shop in Bryson City, NC. May I also suggest "Ties Magazine" Nov.-Dec. 1994, and July- Aug. 1995. I also have a Bachmann Consolidation. Its painted for Southern's 70's excursion "green and gold" and #ed 722. Bachmann's 2-8-0 is modeled after Illinois Central's "900 class". I ordered a brass castings from Standard Hobby Supply for a smoke box front mounted bell and a whistle for the fireman's side. after putting those on and removing the old whistle and bell it looked much more like a Southern locomotive. I also added the white dots in the center of the drivers and leading truck. For you I would suggest you research the peticular division you are modeling. I don't know about your decal set... but hear is what I might do with my 2-8-0. I'm thinking about shorting the tender, replacing the sand dome with a smaller one, flatting the top on the steam dome, reworking the cab for the cab for that "Southern look", and maybe applying southern valve gear; thus achieving the Ks-1 look. The paint scheme would be Ashville's, because their locomotives didn't have the headlight visor (that's a cheat!). Asheville was noted for the white trim under the cabs, along the running boards, down the sides of the steps, bottom of the pilot and step boards, and around the wheels on the locomotive itself. Lettering was the #ing on the sand dome, sandwiched between "SOUTHERN" on top and the name of the division on bottom, and really big on the tender (NO striping). Ks types from other divisions started coming to Asheville in the late steam era. This migration was due to the fact that the K's, and the Ps-2, where the largest motive power allowed on the Murphy Branch. Then in 1952 Murphy went to "F7 DE's", and discontinued steam power?. Southern sold 630 and 722 to the ET&WNC RR in 1952, and traded them back for a pair of Rs-2's in 1967 for excursion use. Good Luck! Hope you and others can use this information! Evan =)

-- Evan Whatley (, October 08, 2000.

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